Superfoods in Peru: The Families Behind the Coffee and Cocoa

Peru: a land where the ancient and the organic seamlessly converge. Known globally for its awe-inspiring Andean vistas and deep-rooted historical sites, Peru is crafting a niche that captivates eco-friendly travellers and culinary explorers. At the heart of this cultural renaissance are the quaint, family-run farms of cacao and coffee growers, who bring the true essence of “farm-to-table” into the limelight.

Across the vibrant avenues of Lima, the storied air of Cusco, and the verdant embrace of Santa Teresa, artisans of agriculture are not just preserving traditions but are actively honouring Peru’s vibrant legacy. Beyond the well known and awe inspiring beauty of the iconic Machu Picchu, along the historic Inca Trail, and the fertile stretches of the Sacred Valley, Peru offers a journey that allows you to savour the world’s purest superfoods set against a backdrop of deep gorges, vast jungle, high altitude crashing waterfalls and immense untouched land.

Cacao y chocolate

La Cosecha – Lima

Brainchild of Julio and Catia, an ambitious couple whose shared passion for coffee inspired them to create a haven that celebrates Peru’s local coffee artisans. Without prior direct links to the growers, they have focused their efforts on promoting the unsung heroes of the coffee world, particularly emphasising the pivotal roles women play in this industry across Peru.

At La Cosecha, every drink tells a story, carefully curated to feature only local coffee and cacao, thereby shining a spotlight on different producers and their unique flavours. Visitors can enjoy a myriad of brewing methods, including signature cold brews, each meticulously crafted by Luis, their competition-winning barista whose expertise adds an exquisite touch to every cup.


Photo by Iain Phillips

Giovanna Maggiolo – Lima

Giovanna Maggiolo has emerged as a standout figure in the world of chocolate making. As the owner and sole operator of her boutique, Giovanna crafts exclusive artisanal chocolates that have garnered international recognition, including accolades from the International Chocolate Awards.

Her deep understanding of Peruvian cacao is evident in every piece she creates, drawing on a rich variety of local sources. Giovanna’s expertise goes beyond simple chocolate making: she is well-versed in the intricacies of agricultural migration and local flavour profiles, skilfully blending these elements to produce chocolates that offer a taste of Peru’s diverse regions.

Each batch revels in Peru’s rich chocolatier heritage and the unique environment from which it originates. Her dedication to the art not only elevates the standard of luxury chocolates but also highlights the cultural significance of Peruvian cacao. Giovanna Maggiolo’s refined creations are an attestation to her passion, making her a champion of local agriculture.


Cacao en grano, bombones de chocolate y tabletas bitter.

Yana Muru and Gracia María Ampuero – Lima

Victor and his mother Gracia have become synonymous with exceptional coffee throughout Peru. Victor runs his coffee company, Yana Muru, whilst Gracia, a licensed Q-Grader and seasoned coffee instructor, brings over 35 years of experience to the table. Her profound expertise in the coffee industry not only informs her son’s business but also enriches the coffee community with her educational contributions. Demonstrating the family’s deep-rooted passion for coffee, Victor has inherited an expert palate, allowing him to maintain the high standards Gracia has set.

Yana Muru prides itself on its specialty coffee ratings, with each of their offerings – ranging from the floral notes of Geisha to the rich depths of Dark Roast – consistently rating above 87 on the 100 point rating system, where anything above 80 is considered “Specialty”. The mother-son duo’s commitment to excellence is evident in every cup, serving not just as a beverage but as a scholarly journey into the art and science of coffee tasting and production. Through Yana Muru, Victor and Gracia continue to elevate the coffee experience for aficionados in Lima and beyond.



Flor de Café farm – Santa Teresa

The Flor de Café association makes its mark on every aspect of the coffee industry, championing an all-female workforce that spans several generations. This remarkable team is united by a shared dedication to cultivating and preserving high-quality agricultural products. Flor de Café is committed to producing exemplary coffee, ensuring each bean embodies the pinnacle of quality and sustainability.

The association’s distinctive approach combines environmental stewardship with social and business acumen, fostering a model of ethical commerce. Their concerted effort to maintain eco-friendly practices exemplifies their commitment to responsible business practices, setting a standard for others in the industry. Through Flor de Café, these women are not just making coffee; they are weaving the rich, cultural fabric of their community into each product they offer to the world.

Photo by Iain Phillips

Paytiti – Quillabamba

This multi-generational family business specialises in the revered Chuncho cacao, transforming these prized beans into a range of exquisite chocolate bars, from a velvety 65% to a profoundly pure 100% cacao. Each bar is not only evidence of the rich, nuanced flavours of their harvest but also of the family’s comprehensive approach, overseeing every step from the growth of cacao to the meticulous processes of packaging and marketing.

Paytiti’s commitment extends beyond crafting award-winning chocolates; they are devoted to the sustainability of their land through the practices of Syntropic Agriculture. This method enhances biodiversity and revitalises the ecosystem, ensuring that their farming not only yields superior cacao but also contributes to the environmental health of their region.

The exceptional taste and quality of Paytiti’s chocolate bars have garnered multiple awards, making them a proud standard-bearer for Peruvian cacao on the global stage. Through their efforts, Paytiti is a shining example of how traditional farming techniques can meet modern ecological sensibilities to produce truly outstanding products.


Photo by Iain Phillips

Choco Museo “Bean to Bar” workshop – Cusco

The Choco Museo is an essential destination for chocolate lovers in Peru, with locations in Cusco, Lima, and Ollantaytambo. This unique establishment combines the roles of a workshop provider, retail shop, tour guide, and museum, creating a comprehensive cocoa experience. Central to its appeal is the “Bean to Bar” workshop, which offers a hands-on journey through the chocolate-making process. Participants are guided by knowledgeable staff who are not only passionate about chocolate but also adept at making the intricate process accessible and engaging.

Guests leave with their own set of chocolate bars, crafted by their own hands, providing a delicious souvenir of their educational adventure. The Choco Museo is deeply committed to demonstrating the significant impact of natural forces and entrepreneurship on chocolate creation. They emphasise local production, allowing visitors to truly appreciate the complexities of chocolate crafting. This holistic approach educates guests on the cultural, economic, and environmental factors that shape this beloved treat, making the Choco Museo a rich, immersive experience that goes beyond the average museum visit.

Peru offers a gateway to experiencing and accessing some of the world’s most unique and organic superfoods. Left with a rich palette of experiences – from the burst of flavour that accompanies biting into a fresh cacao fruit, to the intricate notes of artisan-crafted coffee, Peru’s dynamic landscape of taste and tradition is heightened by the respect the Peruvians give it.

The families in Lima, Cusco, Santa Teresa, and Quillabamba are champions of sustainable practices and eco-innovation. These local heroes uphold a way of life where ancient methods blend with minimal modern intervention, offering a deep dive into the soul of Peruvian culture. The journey through Peru is as layered and complex as the coffee served—a mosaic of eco-lodges, traditional cuisines, and the living history of the Incas.

Peru’s enchanting environment and its dedication to preserving its agricultural heritage make it an irreplaceable destination, uniquely positioning it as the only place where one can truly experience the full story and rich flavours of every cacao pod and coffee bean, cultivated in lands that are as revered as the ancient civilizations that once thrived there.