Are the Extra Care Instructions Worth Following? 

You know when you buy a new clothing piece or a mug and they have that exclamation mark followed by the sensitive care instructions? If the answer is yes, we hope you follow those instructions carefully, because they’re there for a reason. In this article we’re gonna take a look at the care instructions of certain materials and see how important it is to follow them in order to enjoy them for a long time. You don’t want to ruin your new clothes, so we suggest you read this article and see how you can take care of them long term. 


We’re starting off with some pieces that you probably have around your house, in the kitchen or just as decor pieces. When it comes to ceramics, the different kinds will have different care instructions, so you have to carefully read them. Most pottery pieces will be temperature sensitive, so you have to pay attention when switching from very cold to very hot water, and definitely wash them by hand and not in the dishwashing machine. If you don’t follow these instructions, your ceramic mug, for example, can crack without you noticing, making it dangerous for the next time you want to use it. If you’re ceramics are just decor pieces, it will be easier to take care of them, as they don’t require that much attention.


Now this is where it gets tricky, clothing pieces and materials. Some of the most comfortable materials require the most amount of attention when washing and drying, so we understand your struggle. But when it comes to wool, there are different reasons why you should carefully follow the instructions. Firsty, your wool clothes will shrink if you wash them in hot water. The fibers in your garment will swell while wet, and then shrink in the drying process because of the abrupt change of temperature. Also, the speed of the washing machine can damage your wool clothes, so that’s why it is recommended that you wash them by hand. So, the next time you buy a wool sweater or cardigan, you have to consider that with the coziness and warmth of it, comes the responsibility to care for it. Afterall, wool is a natural fiber so it makes sense that it comes with a high sensitivity. 


Whether we’re talking about a new leather purse you got, some boots or a jacket, this material needs your care and attention. This is the reason why many leather shoe companies such as Dr. Martens have made their own leather care bundles that can be bought with their leather products. This is their way to ensure that everyone pays attention to the care process of their boots. And this is because leather creases and reshapes over time, so keeping it hydrated at all times is how you make it last. Same goes for purses and jackets. You need to think of leather as you think of your own skin, if you don’t moisturize, you’ll end up with cracked lips, dry patches and rough hands. So give your leather pieces the same treatment and keep it moisturized.