Easy Tips for Men to Instantly Look More Put Together

As a man, sometimes it can get challenging to find tips on how to dress and look better, since most of the magazines and influencers focus on women’s fashion. But we’re here to help you out: we found some easy ways to instantly improve your style and we can’t wait to share them with you! 

Don’t button all the way up

If you’re wearing a shirt, don’t button it all the way up unless you plan on wearing a tie. Make sure to unbutton at least the top 2 buttons or otherwise you risk looking like a middle schooler whose mom dressed him up for the picture day. 

Ryan Thompson, a men’s style expert at MensFlair.com, emphasizes the importance of this advice, stating, “unbuttoning the top two buttons offers a relaxed yet refined look, striking the perfect balance between formal and casual. It’s a small detail that significantly affects how others perceive your style and confidence.”

Stick to the basics 

When looking for your style, it is best to stick to the basics at first until you develop an eye for fashion and understand what fits you and what doesn’t. Get some timeless clothes such as a suit, a coat, a few pairs of jeans and trousers, and some cable-knit sweaters. We suggest getting an Aran sweater as thanks to its durability and style as these sweaters from Tara Irish Clothing it will match every other piece of clothing you will buy. Moreover, your heavy knit Aran sweater will be perfect for layering and creating both casual looks and formal settings. 

Try the military tuck 

As the name says, the military tuck is a technique used by the armed forces to tuck in their uniform. If you want to wear a shirt that happens to be too loose and it doesn’t look good on your waistline, wrap the fabric on the sides and tuck it behind the back. Use this method when wearing shirts, t-shirts, and even thin sweaters and this way and since it is the small things that matter, your style will be instantly elevated. 

Less is more 

Whether we’re talking about the number of clothes in your wardrobe or the color palette of an outfit, less is always more. There is a very simple rule we recommend sticking to: don’t match more than three colors and don’t wear more than three layers in an outfit. 

Learn how to wear socks 

Such a simple thing as socks can make or break a whole outfit and if you want to dress nicely you need to learn how to wear them. For example white socks are only suitable for gym outfits and physical activities and shouldn’t be worn with dress suits. The golden rule is that you should match the color of your socks with the color of your pants, so don’t wear a black pair with navy trousers regardless of the color of your shoes. 

Clean your shoes 

It should be a given that no matter how hard you try to dress up fancy and sophisticated, your appearance can be easily shattered by such things as dirty shoes especially if they are white or of a light color. Always clean your shoes, preferably after every wear, and don’t forget about the laces. If needed, put them in some dish soap or bleach to ensure that they are sparkling white.