Art, Music and Food at Bantof Soho

Bantof, the intimate modern restaurant in Soho, brings together an avant-garde confluence of art, music, and taste. This restaurant and bar, tucked away from the mainstream, embodies Soho’s eclectic and vibrant essence, delivering an experience that transcends the conventional.

The ambiance at Bantof resonates with an artistic pulse, mirroring the lively spirit of its Soho neighbourhood. Art is displayed across the homely walls, featured in regularly hosted exhibitions, and even the art deco drinks shelves catch the soft light, illuminating the room with warmth. The music, thoughtfully selected, weaves through the air, complementing the flavours and conversations that fill the room. In this space, every element, from the interior design to the presentation of dishes, forms a thoughtful part of a larger, artistic mosaic.

Bantof’s menu is a taste adventure, epitomised in its ‘Soho Stories’ cocktail lineup. These carefully curated concoctions delight the palate with each sip. A particular highlight is the Margarita Verde cocktail, which reimagines the traditional margarita. It combines lime leaf-infused tequila with a fresh homemade jalapeno, coriander, and lime cordial, offering a contemporary twist that reflects both Bantof and Soho’s unique blend of the traditional and the modern.

Food at Bantof is crafted for sharing, capturing the essence of intimate gatherings. The dishes, ranging from simple bar snacks to elaborate main courses, encourage communal dining and conversation. Settle into the velvet green banquettes and start your evening with both the Fried Chicken and Hummus, initiating an evening of culinary art.

The Octopus dish, with its fava purée, caper jam, and herb oil, creates a harmonious blend of sea and land. This dish is a symphony of flavours, balancing the gentle taste of the ocean with the earthy tones of the fava, all accentuated by the piquant caper jam. The Lamb Chops tantalise the senses, combining the succulence of the meat with the sweetness of carrot purée and the freshness of herb oil.

The Ribeye Steak, accompanied by maitake mushrooms and a rich peppercorn sauce, redefines the steak dining experience. The addition of maitake mushrooms adds an unexpected depth of flavour, crafting a dish that is both familiar and complex.

Dessert at Bantof, especially the Triple Chocolate Mousse, is the crowning glory of the meal. Each layer offers a different intensity and texture of chocolate, creating a triumphant finale to a memorable series of dishes, leaving you savouring every spoonful and longing for the experience not to end.

Ultimately, Bantof is a reflection of Soho’s character – a place where art, music, and gastronomy intertwine to create a unique and memorable experience. It’s a venue where an evening of intimate joy is guaranteed, where each visit unfolds into a vibrant story, rich in flavour and creativity.