Weekends at Mama Shelter – Shoreditch

Shoreditch’s own Mama Shelter hotel bursts with cosmopolitan flair, its bar and restaurant blending the finesse of French dining culture with the vibrant rhythms of London, LA, and Lisbon. More than just a stunning hotel and destination, Mama’s Restaurant is a hub where the world converges over plates and glasses, where each décor piece tells a tale, and where music is as integral to the atmosphere as the delectable dishes.

Stepping inside Mama Shelter is like entering a collector’s dream. The interior is a meticulously assembled jigsaw of ornaments and quirky collectibles, each piece telling its own story, contributing to the rich, eclectic tapestry that defines the essence of Mama Shelter.

Mama Shelter truly comes to life with its weekend offerings. The bottomless brunch is a sensory extravaganza, a venue where cocktails are crafted with precision and flair. As Sunday dawns, the bottomless roast stands as a hearty tribute to tradition, each serving infused with Mama’s distinctive twist.

The drink selection at Mama Shelter is a curated showcase of global tastes. From an extensive list of wines and made-to-order cocktails to handpicked beers on tap, each choice promises an exceptional Sunday experience.

Kick off the bottomless brunch with the Korean Chicken Bites, where BBQ Gochujang sauce and sesame seeds create a tapestry of texture and taste in each bite. The Smoked Salmon Royale adds a contemporary twist to a classic, with a touch of lime hollandaise and crispy capers, served alongside fries to perfectly complement the experience.

The Southern Fried Chicken Burger is a straightforward culinary delight, harmoniously blending harissa mayo, red onion, and cos lettuce for a satisfying crunch. For dessert enthusiasts, the Mama Cookie stands out as the signature sweet treat. Loaded with chocolate chips, nuts, and sultana, and crowned with Stracciatella ice cream, it’s served in a bubbling skillet for an added touch of indulgence. And the Bounty Cheesecake is a must-try, skilfully pairing coconut ice cream with tapioca and a rich milk chocolate sauce for a truly luxurious finish.