Ashlee Simpson on Returning to Music and Motherhood

From gracing stages as a backing dancer for her sister, Jessica Simpson, to becoming a noughties pop sensation in her own right, Ashlee’s journey is rooted in entertainment. Now, happily married and steering creative direction at KEMPA HOME, Ashlee is ready to grace the stage once again. For fans, the anticipation is high. But, first and foremost, she is a dedicated mother of three, underscoring that motherhood will always be her top priority.

Ashlee moved to California with her family at the age of 14. Back home in Texas, she was a ballerina and had grown up dancing alongside her sister, Jessica, as she sang. “We were born to put on a show,” Ashlee affirmed. For as long as she can remember, they had both loved performing and would often be seen on stage at church. 

Once she got to California, Ashlee took an interest in acting, she also joined Jessica as a backing dancer on tour, which marked a pivotal moment. 

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“That’s really where it kind of all started for me, discovering myself and my sound,” said Ashlee. It was without a doubt that she would be a performer, but her journey unfolded on the road, shaping the Ashlee we know today, steering the birth of her debut album, ‘Autobiography’.

“I had the best time when I was younger. I loved touring. I loved all of that,” Ashlee recalled. “But it came with its challenges,” she added. Growing up in the limelight is never easy, whether it’s a result of a personal passion or due to famous family ties, it can be tough to navigate, but Ashlee has found her anchor in her family. Credit goes to her sister Jessica, a mentor who navigated the hurdles before her. 

“Watching her do it before I did it, watching her go through the humps, and hearing voices and having to say, ‘No, this is how I want to do it’ and stand up for yourself’, really taught me a lot,” Ashlee explained, applauding Jessica. Two decades later, their bond remains unbreakable. “I’m on the phone with my mum every day and my sister,” Ashlee laughed. Through the highs and lows, the family remains Ashlee’s steadfast support system.

“For me, family is everything,” declared Ashlee. “Having that support circle wherever life takes you, having open conversations with my family and kids, and really being able to guide them and also being guided by my elders – my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-laws – it’s invaluable.” 

Marriage to Evan Ross has expanded Ashlee’s circle, enveloping her in the warmth of the creatively successful Ross family. “We’re also close with Evan’s family. We’re all on a text thread. Everyone’s always checking in with each other because everyone’s doing different things and working so it’s really nice to have that,” she shared.

For this very reason, holidays are always a huge, family affair. This year, Ashlee will be spending Thanksgiving at her mother’s house and Christmas will be with Evan’s side of the family, The Ross’, where her mother-in-law is the legendary Diana Ross. As a ritual, Ashlee begins to play Christmas jingles in October, eagerly awaiting the start of her favourite festive season. 

With family at the core of her life, it’s no surprise that Ashlee is deeply passionate about interior design. Making her house a home, she awakens the space, weaving together her and Evan’s tastes, and emulating their distinctive personalities visually. “It’s very like me and Evan. So, it’s very eclectic. There’s lots going on, lots of wallpaper, dark and light. We like the mismatch of everything,” she joyfully described. 

Her home is a vibrant tapestry, and black walls are a key feature in her house, once forbidden by her mother, it now graces the walls, a symbol of adulthood and creative autonomy. With the reins in her hands, Ashlee can bring all her creative visions to life, both at home and in her role as creative director at KEMPA HOME.

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Surrounded by family, Ashlee loves to be planted in the kitchen, surrounded by family, in the thick of it all, chatting away, relishing the comfort of family time. But as for the actual preparation of the food, Ashlee admits that it is not her strong suit, she laughed, “I’m decent, but I could do better. I love to be in the kitchen but maybe I could take a few cooking classes.”

“I’m all about decorating and design. I feel like there’s just so many different ways that you can express your art, whether it’s dancing, music, drawing, whatever it may be, but I feel like furniture is one of those things for me, ” Ashlee shared. A creative license is a gift granted to all and there are many ways of manifesting it. Having pursued many creative avenues, Ashlee’s creative journey has brought her back to a shared love for design between her sister, mother and self. Regardless of their differing tastes, Ashlee added, “My mum is so good at it and my sister is also great, she’s got such a good eye.”

Recently, Jagger Snow’s room got a makeover, adorned with rugs and baskets from KEMPA HOME. It has a bohemian vibe that reflects the general theme of the house, blended with wallpaper personally picked out by Jagger “and of course Barbie toys everywhere,” Ashlee laughed. Ashlee’s impeccable taste is seen in her curated, top picks at KEMPA HOME. Think contemporary mid-century flair, standout carpet pouffes, a touch of hand-cuffed rug elegance, and an intricately detailed wooden-framed mirror. It’s a symphony of style that aligns seamlessly with KEMPA’s philosophy of escaping the ordinary. 

Fully embracing her role as Creative Director at KEMPA HOME, Ashlee is deep in her element. “I’ve really enjoyed working as the Creative Director,” she enthused. But beyond the aesthetics, Ashlee’s heart is with KEMPA Foundation, the nonprofit arm of KEMPA brands. This initiative sets out to ‘provide financial assistance to select communities in the areas of homelessness, single parent housing, and local municipality agencies that protect and serve’. “It’s very important to give back and to teach that to our kids as well,” Ashlee said sincerely. With a passion for design and a commitment to making a positive impact, Ashlee Simpson Ross is not just shaping homes but also shaping a better future.

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Ashlee is not just conquering the entertainment industry; she’s also a guiding force for her children’s potential careers. When asked about Jagger, she hints at a budding interest, “It’s coming” as she advises her, and all, to “take your time, work on your craft, really discover yourself, and learn things — hone in.” While Jagger loves acting class, Ashlee advocates for waiting until 18, not wanting her kids to grow up too fast. Her message: savour the precious moments of childhood.

“There are so many different ways to be creative, whether it’s through furniture or performing. We find different ways to let our art out.”

As Ashlee reflects on her personal journey, she recognises the profound impact of life lessons, personal growth, and the newfound motivation that family brings. “Having my kids is definitely the biggest highlight of my life,” she declared proudly. While touring holds fond memories, creating her own family takes the top spot. 

Another highlight is, “My husband, for sure!” Ashlee hastily added. “Just meeting somebody that you can grow with, and that is your best friend. That has definitely changed me,” she lovingly remarked. After nearly 10 years of marriage, Ashlee is still as besotted as she was when they first met.

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Family reigns supreme in Ashlee’s world, but being a working mum isn’t a walk in the park. So, how does she find balance? Simple – they’ve erased the lines between work and family. “Evan and I definitely understand each other, there’s no lines, it’s kind of all blurred together, and it just works within our family and our relationship,” Ashlee revealed. 

She continued to explain that “It’s more inspiring having them because there’s just so much more purpose — it’s so fun to be able to have those moments with my kids where, if I’m doing music or writing or something, my daughter loves to be around, she loves to dance.”

As the world eagerly awaits Ashlee’s return to the stage, she confirmed that new music is on the horizon, with singles on the cards to be released in the summer of 2024. After a rare guest appearance at Demi Lovato’s concert last summer, the stage is calling her name again. With the 20th anniversary of her debut album approaching, Ashlee is gearing up for a comeback, thanks in part to a promise she made to her daughter Jagger. 

Ashlee admitted that, “It’s taking time to get into the groove,” but she clarified that “involving them in those moments is something really cool for me, and definitely a new chapter in my life, but it makes it all the more worth it and exciting,” she said, setting the stage for a remarkable return.

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Success, for Ashlee, has transformed from chasing numbers to embracing a new world of musical outlets. “Back in the day, you’re looking at numbers and now it’s really such a different world anyway, musically, there’s so many different outlets, we don’t just have CDs. It’s like just a completely different world,” says Ashlee. She explains, “Right now, for me to put out music, I feel like there’s this ease about it. I do it because I want to do it because it’s fun and I miss it and enjoy it.”

Beyond her own musical journey, and in addition to family sentiment and nostalgia, Ashlee also finds joy in rediscovering tunes with her husband and children. “I just introduced Jagger to Sister Act 2, so we have ‘Joyful Joyful’ on repeat and all those songs,” Ashlee said gleefully. Embracing the OG’s of her day, the musical history lessons include, iconic figures such as Brandy, Aaliyah, Micheal Jackson “and obviously, her grandma (Diana Ross),” Ashlee assured.

Reflecting on 2023, “It was a wonderful year for me,” Ashlee joyfully concluded. Looking ahead, she skips the typical New Year’s resolutions, preferring to set her goals on her birthday. Already actioning her aspirations since October 3rd, Ashlee is geared up for another exciting year, where each note and moment is a celebration of life.




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