Bedroom Inspiration & Décor Ideas

Do you sometimes find that your bedroom has become dull and doesn’t feel as stylish as it once was? Over time, our tastes and preferences change, so the neon orange beanbag that you thought would never go out of style, now seems garish and imposing. But there are easy ways you can revamp your bedroom and make it feel brand new again. According to This Old House, upholstering your headboard can really increase your coziness factor! Small changes like this can be a great way to breathe new life into your room and they’re easily achievable. Here are some more bedroom inspiration and décor ideas so you can have the room of your dreams. 

Open Wardrobes

If your room is particularly small and you struggle with keeping your clothes tidy, you might want to take a look at open wardrobes. The lack of doors keeps your room from feeling closed off and also displays your wonderful style. You could get some standalone rails to hang your clothes on, and instantly feel the difference in space. But you can also get ones that incorporate the rails and shelving so you can also store shoes and clothes that don’t necessarily need to be hung up. These types of storage can be super useful and practical, all while bringing a modern finish to your room. 

Bold And Bright

Just because your bedroom is for relaxation, doesn’t mean you can’t be bold with your colour palette. Why not go for an interesting choice of colour and incorporate other unique ones to really create a modern feel. You could choose one bright colour, like a mustard yellow, and then match your other furnishings to it with contrasting ones. This will really make your room feel complete but also on-trend. Minimalism was popular for a long time, but nowadays, colour is back in so why not bring some fun to your bedroom décor. 

One Tone

Alternatively, if you don’t want to mix and match colours, you could choose one tone and stick with it. For instance, if you have a fairly neutral room, you could accent it with a cool baby blue. This will bring a touch of colour to your décor without looking too much. This can also be a good way to decorate if you’re not entirely sure what colours go well together. Going all in with one tone is an easy way to bring style to your room and not have to worry about anything clashing.  

Play With Textures

Don’t be afraid to play around with different textures in the bedroom. For example, velvet curtains can be a great contrast to silky bed sheets, and a fuzzy rug can work wonderfully with hardwood floors. Try incorporating lots of interesting materials and textures into your room and you’ll be able to create a gorgeous boudoir.  

Raise The Ceiling

If your bedroom is a little cramped and it doesn’t have much length to it, then you can try utilising décor that makes the room feel taller instead. Mirrors can be a great way to do this. Try placing a long mirror on one of your walls, and you’ll instantly feel the ceiling lift up higher. You could go for taller furniture, such as your shelves and wardrobes. Having them reach up higher will draw the eye up towards the ceiling to create a spacious design. Try to direct your décor in an upwards direction to really help your room feel elevated. 

A Reading Nook

Although the bedroom is for sleeping, you could make use of the space in lots of different ways. One great example of this is creating a reading corner. You can get really fancy with it and drape canopies to really give it a cozy feel. You could even get a hanging chair if you want the area to feel a little more modern. Reading corners can also be a clever way to bring some colour or different textures to the room as well. And it can also give you somewhere to retreat to that isn’t your bed but is just as cozy. 

Feature Walls

If brightly painted walls aren’t your thing, but you still want a touch of finesse, you could look at creating a feature wall instead. These can be easily achieved by hanging artwork, photos, and mirrors to really make the wall look unique. You can also find interesting pieces such as your favorite childhood toy to hang in an online store like Toynk or second-hand shops, so you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also have an eclectic design.

Stylish Lighting

Lighting in a bedroom is super important. You don’t want it to be too bright, but you also need it light enough that you can see when necessary. To make it easy and stylish, try using lots of different types of lighting. For instance, you could have a couple of chic lamps dotted around that create a warm glow, and then you could have your main light source on a dimmer switch so you can really control the brightness. Don’t overlook your lampshades either. There are thousands of gorgeous designs you could choose from, so don’t feel like you have to stick to something boring. Try searching for something that fits your aesthetic and your room will feel complete.    

Unique Patters

In previous years, wallpaper was shunned, and neutral, stone-coloured walls were in fashion. However, nowadays, bold patterns are back in so you can really let loose on your walls! Wallpaper can be a great way to bring some life and colour into your bedroom without having to choose the right paint colour and being disappointed when it doesn’t match the tin. No matter what your style is, there’s a wallpaper design out there for you. Whether you want an understated floral pattern, or you want a metallic silver design with the Manhattan skyline on it, you can be sure you’ll find it somewhere.  

Bedroom décor can be intimidating as the design possibilities are endless. However, as long as you stick to what you like and find inspiration when a creative block hits, you’ll end up with the bedroom you’ve always wanted.