6 skincare essentials to bring out your Goddess Glow for summer 2022

It’s official – summer 2022 is just around the corner! Whether you’re planning a summer getaway (lucky you) or making the most of a staycation, I’m here to bring you all the skincare essentials you need to help your skin emanate that inner goddess glow and keep it looking fresh, dewy and sunkissed through the summer months.   

1.      Keep your products light

If you’re sweating all day (and in a rush to go out and enjoy the sun), spending time massaging a thick, greasy moisturiser or serum into your skin every morning only to have it melting off your face in the sun doesn’t feel (or look) the best. Try and keep your skincare light, and swap out thicker moisturisers and serums for gels and mists where possible. They absorb quickly into the skin, don’t feel heavy during the day and prevent your pores from getting clogged up. 

2.      Mattifying primer

Like your skincare, keeping your make-up minimal will help your skin breathe and stop your pores getting clogged as they open and sweat through the day. So instead of donning a full face, swap out your foundation for a mattifying primer. It can help smoothen out your skin and keep you shine free throughout the day. Plus wearing little to no make-up means you don’t have to think twice before jumping into the pool – woop!

3.      Never forget sunscreen

You can forgo all the other lotions and potions that may be included in your morning skincare routine, but applying a generous layer of sunscreen daily should be (in our opinion at least) akin to drinking water every day – absolutely mandatory! Everything from acne scars and hyperpigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced simply by adding a swift layer of sunscreen (which, compared to the thousands of pounds spent on treating each of these issues alone, sounds like a hell of a bargain).

Keep it on your vanity each morning and you can even get roll-on facial sunscreens to throw into your beach bag and top up during the day – so there’s no excuse: slather and repeat!

4.      Add a vegan collagen supplement into your skincare routine

While topical skincare might provide a little more immediate relief to your skin during summer, bringing out that goddess-like inner glow requires targeting the deepest layers of your skin which topical skin care rarely reaches. Adding a vegan collagen supplement can nourish your skin from within helping you build and protect collagen to keep skin plump, radiant and hydrated while arming it with a generous dose of free radical fighting antioxidants to help protect your skin from aging in the sun – not to mention a naturally sweet, berry flavoured drink would make a refreshing addition to any summer morning!

5.      Clay mask once a week

Whether you have dry or oily skin, the summer sun makes us all a lot sweatier which makes the oil glands in our skin all the more active, causing our pores to be filled (and unfortunately clogged) with sebum, make-up and gunk buildup on our skin throughout the day.

Regularly using a clay mask can help draw out those impurities and keep your pores clean, preventing any godforsaken pimples sprouting up on your skin (especially when the heat will melt away any efforts to hide it away under a generous layer of concealer).

If you have very dry skin, you can still reap the detoxifying benefits of a clay mask by adding a splash of glycerine into your mask – a hydrating ingredient that will be gentler on your skin still helping you reap the benefits of a clay mask and draw out impurities.

6.      Do a full body scrub

Just like the skin on your face, your body also needs a little love and exfoliating your dead skin cells off will bring new skin cells to the surface, instantly making your complexion brighter and more radiant. Not to mention, if you’re (hopefully) putting on sunscreen all over your body when you’re out in the sun, exfoliating your body can prevent up that chalky oily residue from sunscreen from building up and blocking the pores over your body – trust me ladies, bacne and buttne (who’d ever think these words would actually become common skincare lingo) thrive in hot sweaty clogged pores – scrub up and enjoy smooth glowing skin through summer!