How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

With over 230,000 people getting married every single year, planning the perfect proposal is something that lots of us can relate to. If you’re thinking of asking your beloved though, planning the perfect day can be a little nerve-wracking. To help, we’ve combined our top tips with the results of a recent survey of 2,000 brits by engagement ring specialist, F.Hinds

Look for hints

A great way to know what your partner wants in a proposal (and if they’re ready for one at all) is to listen to how they react to certain situations. If they mention proposals in a positive way, comment on couples they know that have recently become engaged, or you find yourselves window shopping in front of jewellers, then take notes! 

It’s also important to consider the current state of your relationship. F Hinds’ survey found that 47% of people would reconsider if they were proposed to too early on.

Choose the right ring

Everyone wants the perfect engagement ring, so remember the four C’s when you’re choosing the stone:

  • Cut – The shape of the stone, which impacts how it will interact with light, and how it’ll interact, design-wise, with the rest of the ring.
  • Colour – The colour of the stone. Diamonds can run from colourless to light yellow, for instance.
  • Carat – The size and weight of the stone.
  • Clarity – The number of imperfections within the stone. 

Also take into consideration any jewels or jewellery colours your partner tends to lean towards or be against. Don’t forgo a ring entirely though: 17% of people said they’d be put off by a proposal with no ring. 

Public or private?

A public proposal can be great if you’re both extroverts who love to share moments with family and friends, but they can also put a lot of pressure on the moment and leave you or your partner feeling uncomfortable. 

This discomfort is more common than you might think. 74% of people surveyed would think twice if proposed to publicly, rising to 89% of Belfast residents.

The perfect location

The location of your proposal will always be associated with your relationship going forward, so it’s important to choose somewhere you both love. This could be abroad – 32% would head on a getaway to get engaged – or at a stirring location not too far away, such as in the countryside, on the beach, or even up a mountain! 

That said, 18% are still happy being proposed to at home, so if your partner isn’t too intrepid, don’t feel you need to go to the ends of the earth to give them an unforgettable proposal.

With the tips above, you should be able to plan a proposal that you’ll both remember fondly for years to come. Are you engaged? Let us know how you popped the question in the comments section below.