Bedroom Toys And Accessories To Improve Pleasure: The Ultimate Guide For Men

When you’re looking to improve your pleasure in the bedroom, whether it’s for time by yourself or with your partner, it can be challenging to know what toys or accessories will suit your tastes. With so many choices on the market today, many people with penises find themselves overwhelmed and often opt for the simplest option and find it doesn’t give them what they were looking for in a sex toy. When it comes to enhancing your pleasure, you should never rush the purchase, and we’re here to help. In our ultimate guide, we’ll cover the most popular types of toys and accessories to improve your bedroom pleasure and give you the most unforgettable orgasms.


One of the largest ranges for male sex toys is masturbators, and you can get everything from fleshlights and blowjob simulators to penis vibrators. Masturbators are a great addition to any bedroom, and whether you’re looking to enhance your alone time or improve the foreplay with your partner, these toys will help you achieve those unforgettable orgasms. When looking for the right type of masturbator, many people are enjoying the realistic blowjobs from the top brand Autoblow. However, the range also includes anal and vaginal simulations, and with automatic suction, these toys will provide mind-blowing orgasms that will have you wondering why you hadn’t tried them sooner.

Anal Sex Toys

When it comes to enhancing your pleasure, many people with penises take advantage of one of the most erogenous spots in their bodies, their prostate. Massaging or providing stimulation to this part of your body can allow you to experience multiple orgasms in one session, either with a partner or by yourself. Whether you’re new to anal sex toys or have enjoyed playing with them before, there’s plenty of options to help you get started and take your pleasure to the next level.


When it comes to bedroom play, whether you’re looking to enjoy some alone time or have an intimate moment with your partner, lube is one of the most important accessories you can have. No matter what you have in mind, there’s a lube for the occasion. If you fancy drifting off into a fantasy with some adult entertainment and a toy of your choosing, a water-based or anal lube will be the best options. However, if you’re looking to enjoy some time with your partner, you could have your pick of water-based, silicone, or anal lube, depending on what you have planned for your evening, morning, afternoon, or even for the entire day if you’re looking to forget the world together.

Cock Rings

A great way to prolong your pleasure is with cock rings, which are ideal for when you’re spending time alone or with a partner. The tight ring sits at the base of your penis and provides you with a longer-lasting and harder erection. Many people enjoy this toy with added vibrations that some models offer, which gives the user and their partner spectacular orgasms.

Delay Condoms

Whether your looking to delay your self-gratification or your orgasm with your partner, delay condoms are an increasingly popular choice. These condoms typically contain a mild amount of anaesthetic, which will give you a slight numbing effect and delay your orgasm. The delay will allow you to spend longer enjoying your masturbation toys or time with your partner without reducing your pleasure for a truly unforgettable night that will have you going back for more. As these condoms lessen the sensitivity in your penis without impacting your pleasure, they have also become a favourite for people who suffer from premature ejaculation and allow them to enjoy longer sexual satisfaction without worrying about finishing too soon.

Penis Sleeves

When you’re looking to spend time with your partner, and you want to enhance the experience, you could try a toy that is popular among many people; the penis sleeve. Penis sleeves are fantastic for temporarily enlarging the size and girth of your penis while improving the sexual pleasure of you and your partner. These toys are also popular with people who have erectile dysfunction as it aids in relieving the symptoms on a temporary basis, so they can enjoy being intimate with their partner while receiving treatment for the cause. 

Sexy Underwear

Contrary to popular belief, sexy underwear is not just for women. There are plenty of styles for men to enjoy that will help them feel more confident in the bedroom by letting them feel sexier. You could dress up in your favourite sexy underwear to surprise your partner, or you could treat yourself to a day of pampering, letting yourself feel more sultry and desirable before spending some time alone with your best bedroom toys. Whether you’re looking for a stylish pair of briefs, a thong or something more adventurous, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes, and you can check out this handy guide if you need more inspiration.