BVLGARI unveils Allegra Chill & Sole

Since its debut in 2021, BVLGARI ALLEGRA has exemplified Bvlgari’s mastery in High Perfumery. Upholding its legacy as the Roman Jeweler, Bvlgari brings unparalleled craftsmanship to each fragrance collection, seamlessly blending its artistry and passion for jewellery with the realm of olfactory masterpieces. Instead of precious stones, it transforms the finest natural raw materials into captivating scents.

The BVLGARI ALLEGRA collection captures the emotions of the Italian lifestyle and the essence of extraordinary Italian women. BVLGARI ALLEGRA invites you to embrace the Roman passion for life by creating a unique signature scent.

Designed to be worn with a Magnifying Essence, the ten BVLGARI ALLEGRA Eaux de Parfum allow for a completely bespoke olfactive journey. Any of the eight Magnifying essences can be worn with any of the eau de parfum, creating an infinite tableau of possibilities and new languages for emotional expression.

With the introduction of BVLGARI ALLEGRA Chill & Sole, the atlas of emotions expressed by the BVLGARI ALLEGRA collection grows, forging another territory in its universe and representing new ways of expressing one’s innermost feelings.

Chill & Sole captures the essence of a perfect day, inviting you to reconnect with your senses in a vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere. All the natural elements blend seamlessly to create a soothing tapestry of sensations, aromas, and sounds in a relaxing, charming, and exclusive setting. This effortless bliss fosters optimism and boldness, inspiring a desire to rediscover and express one’s true self. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean, it celebrates the deep bond with nature shaped by Italy’s enchanting landscapes.

BVLGARI ALLEGRA Chill & Sole Eau de Parfum was born from the expertise of master creator Jacques Cavallier. This bold composition combines the dazzling brilliance of Neroli with the fresh notes of citrus, orange blossom accord and petitgrain, culminating in a final caress. The citrusy notes of lemon evoke the sun tickling the skin through the branches of a tree one lingers under. The Neroli essence expresses the brightness of the sea and the reflections chilling the air. The luminous nuances of mandarine from Italy, jasmine sambac and orange blossom accord, convey the harmonies of the surrounding nature: both intensely refreshing and yet floral, both crispy-fizzy and yet tender.

Deeply anchored in Bvlgari olfactory DNA, the caressing final notes of white amber and musk accords reveal the warmth that envelops the body.

The bottle design respects and celebrates the purity of glass. Paying homage to the art of glassmaking, 96% of the BVLGARI ALLEGRA Eau de Parfum 50 and 100 ml bottles are made of glass, showcasing Italian emotions through vibrant and unexpected colour combinations.

BVLGARI Allegra Chill & Sole EDP

£212 100ML