Cométe Les Exclusifs de CHANEL

“I wanted to cover women in constellations. Stars, see the comets, where the head glitters on a shoulder, and the sparkling tail slips behind the shoulders to fall back down in a shower of stars on the chest…”

– Gabrielle Chanel

Brimming with emotions and sensations, fragrance is a language. It can at times, more so than words, reveal a facet of the person who wears it, uncovering a fragment of their story, and sharing a precious secret in a singular fragrance trail.

This is the spirit that symbolises the LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL collection, an exceptional olfactory line and a luxurious expression of perfumery that resembles no other, composed of noble and frequently tailor-made materials.

True secrets of the skin, each of these Eaux de Parfum reveals one of Gabrielle Chanel’s character traits, writing a page from her life, sketching the outlines of one of her designs, or illustrating a symbol that guided her steps. Recounting the woman and the designer, telling her own story as much as that of the House, these fragrances belong to a line of style and time specific to CHANEL.

Mademoiselle Chanel knew how to recognise a powerful and mysterious aesthetic power in certain forms. The Star and Comet were always her preferred sources of inspiration, enhancing women’s beauty with their celestial dust. For their incomparable sparkle, Gabrielle Chanel chose the Comet and Star as essential themes of her first high jewelry collection, presented in Paris in 1932. It was only natural that she designed jewellery in its shape, such as the Comète necklace, that threads around the neck, resting freely against the skin.

“At the beginning of each creation, you need an inspiring element, and for COMÈTE, the starting point was the idea of stardust,” explains Olivier Polge. “The comet is a strong symbol for CHANEL, and I’m thinking in particular of the Comète necklace from the 1932 high jewelry collection, which is worn open, laying right on the skin, and reminds me of the enveloping trail of a skin fragrance.”

Intensely floral and luminous, COMÈTE explores a new olfactory identity in the LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL collection. Rich and powdery, sophisticated and complex, it is a universe in itself.

Just like this traveling star, the Eau de Parfum is suffused with a fresh and delicate cherry blossom accord. A trace of luminosity and purity transforms into an aura set with heliotrope notes blending into a cloud of iris extract and a musk accord. This sensual fragrance, which envelops the skin with elusive magnetism, celebrates its singular character.

More exclusive and precious than any other collection, LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL is embodied by a bottle of exemplary minimalism, focusing all attention on the fragrance. COMÈTE is housed in iconic streamlined glass with a timeless monogrammed black lid. Elevating simplicity to the rank of sophisticated luxury, its case takes the shape of an elegant white jewelry-style coffret accentuated with a black trim.

This subtle two-tone aesthetic is like a heritage seal which, for the launch of COMÈTE, is accompanied by a special limited-edition creation: an embossed representation of the legendary Comète necklace, created in 1932, sensually embraces the four sides of the case. In an ultimate nod to the shine of diamonds and stardust, the double C that tops the case is heightened with silver ink.

COMÈTE. A new star in the constellation of LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL.

£375 200ML

£215 75ml