Common sex toy myths debunked

If you’re a sex-positive and kinky person, you’ve probably used a sex toy at some point. Maybe it was a dildo, maybe it was handcuffs, or maybe it was a vibrator. 

But whatever your choice of pleasure object, there are probably still some myths about sex toys that bug the hell out of you. The good thing about this I will be debunking some of the most popular myths about sex toys, some of the most common myths peddled about sex toys include: 

Only single people use sex toys

While sex toys are often associated with single people, the truth is that they can be used by anyone, including married people, and other people in a romantic relationship. As long as you have a vulva or vagina, penis, or an anus, or a prostate gland, you can use a vibrator to stimulate yourself in any way you like on your own or with someone else. Sex toys can also be used for solo sexual exploration and experimentation. Sex toys are also great for couples who want to add more variety into their sex life.

Sex toys are only for women

While it’s true that the majority of sex toys are designed for female use, this does not mean that men have to be left out in the cold. Sex toys can be used by men and women alike, both men and women enjoy making use of their designated kinds of sex toys. 

Vibrators will desensitize you

If you’re afraid that using a vibrator will cause some kind of permanent numbness, don’t be. First of all, it’s absolutely possible—for example, if you use the same kind of pressure on the same spot for hours and hours at a time (don’t do this). But don’t worry! All it takes is a break to let your body breathe and feel normal again.

Vibrators are great for first timers but won’t help with subsequent experiences

It’s true that vibrators can be amazing if you’re using a sex toy, you’re not satisfying your partner, it’s easy to assume that if you’re using a sex toy, your partner is going to be disappointed in the quality of their own performance, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that if you’re enjoying yourself and exploring your body with toys, it will only make them want to do more. They’ll want to experiment with new positions and techniques so they can make sure they give you everything you need. Therefore using vibrators does not hinder you from enjoying sexual and experience

There’s an Age Limit for Using Sex Toys

This is another alarming myth about sex toys. There’s absolutely no age limit when it comes to sex toys. It’s not like there’s an age limit for using the internet or owning a car, so why would there be one for your using sex toys? As long as you’re mature enough to handle the responsibility of owning a toy (and having sex), then it’s perfectly fine! If you think you are ready to use one that means you are also ready for other responsibilities just like having sex. It’s important not to stress about this too much either; if you don’t feel ready yet then don’t rush it! Your maturity level will grow over time and soon enough your body will be able to communicate with you more clearly on what feels good and what doesn’t.

Buying sex toys is shameful

The myth of buying sex toys is a very well-known myth. This myth is not true as a matter of fact. Sex toys are a normal part of human sexuality when used and should be enjoyed by everyone. They’re not embarrassing, weird or kinky to have in your home or bedroom just like having a vibrator isn’t any different than having a bedside lamp or shower head.


If you’re using sex toys, don’t be ashamed, you are not alone, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Sex toys provide a great means for partners and individuals to spice up their sex life for more pleasure than ever before. Don’t let any myths get in the way of your satisfaction.