How to spice up your marriage in 2022

Is your marriage starting to feel boring or stale, do you feel like you and your partner are slowly drifting away? All these are things that happen once in a while when it comes to relationships or marriage but fear not as this happens to almost everyone.

It seems sensible that relationships, like individuals, sometimes become stuck and require a little kickstart from habitual consistency. The following list of 10 techniques to spice up your marriage might assist if this describes you and your partner.

1. Get curious on purpose

Although nothing will change quickly, you may start making baby moves toward rediscovering each other. Discuss how you two have changed since the day of your wedding. Then, both you and your spouse should express how you have changed. Discovering something new and different about your partner each day should be your objective. 

2. Consider your life without them

Although it may seem morbid, it’s a terrific method to rediscover the qualities of your partner that are most important to you. How would your life change if they vanished overnight? Then concentrate on being thankful for what you have learned.

3. Follow up on conversations

When having critical conversations, pay close attention and then go over whatever your partner brought up afterward. It demonstrates your concern and your value of their views and opinions. It’s also OK to make notes while having a chat. Let them know that you are concerned about them and that’s why you are taking notes of what they have said.

4. Put the phone down

Pick a few occasions, such as family meals or in-depth chats, when you won’t be using your phone. Place the phone in a separate room with the ringer turned off or establish a time limit for checking it (for instance, wait at least 20 minutes before checking it). When on a date, switch phones so the other person can see who is texting or calling and determine the urgency. Think about whether or not your usage of social media or technology is producing distance in your relationship.

5. Share your appreciation

Even the smallest actions count for a lot if you want to spice up your marriage. Express your appreciation to your spouse. For example, you may say, “I just want you to know that your hair looks fantastic today,” or “I’m always pleased with how you make people feel special, and you did that with our guests tonight.” 

6. Shake things up

Have you ever eaten Thai cuisine? Avoid your favorite eatery and try something new. If you don’t like it, it’s irrelevant. You “didn’t like it,” and you created a memory. There’s so many things you can do in your relationship and in the bedroom to broaden your horizons. Whether this comes down to a bit of role play, trying something kinky like BDSM or going all out and experimenting with things like penis plugs – the sky is the limit. 

7. Hold hands to enliven your union

Even though it’s a very straightforward act of kindness, we seldom see it after a couple has been dating for a while. Make it a habit to hold hands in public frequently—not only for show but to feel a genuine connection. Don’t constantly watch television in different seats at home. Instead, sit on the sofa next to each other and cuddle until the end credits.

9. Show kindness

When you spend a lot of time together, it’s easy to get out of the practice of being friendly to one another. The thing that keeps a relationship going, however, is compassion. 

10. Dress up for dates

This does not include dressing formally while going to a fast-food restaurant. But when it’s just the two of you, dress a little more formally periodically. Even for a burger and fries, it gives the occasion a bit more special meaning.

Are you bored in your marriage and using complacent language? It’s not that your partner is uninteresting; rather, it’s that you’ve stopped paying attention. So what can you do to revitalize your marriage? Apply the tips given here and you’ll certainly see positive changes.