COYA City Tasting Menu

COYA City brings the incredible tastes of Peru to the heart of London. With lunch, after-work, and private dining available, the City location is the easiest way to incorporate these extraordinary flavours into your life. COYA stands as a vibrant tribute to Peruvian culture, masterfully blending traditional Inca flavours with a global twist. A work of art in itself, it’s a festive celebration of Peruvian cuisine, culture, and artistry, tailored to London as a clever take on the COYA menu.

Innovatively integrating aspects of neighbouring cultures like Japanese, COYA City presents a menu that’s as eclectic as it is exquisite. This fusion is a testament to the culinary creativity and cultural blending that the restaurant prides itself on. Adding to the allure is the bar, a highlight in itself. The incredible signature cocktails at COYA City are crafted to capture the essence of Peru with a modern twist, while the extensive wine selection is thoughtfully curated from around the world, ensuring the perfect complement to every dish.

The ambiance in COYA City contributes significantly to its charm. The restaurant is bathed in thoughtfully arranged lighting that enhances both the mood and the décor, creating an environment that’s simultaneously intimate and vibrant. Incan artifacts line the walls, and every part of the furniture has been thought through, making it ideal for everything from romantic dinners to lively group gatherings, underlining the restaurant’s versatility.

Photo by Ben Carpenter

The tasting menu at COYA City is a journey through the rich tapestry of Peruvian cuisine. Starting with the best Guacamole of your life, prepared at the table, moving onto the Baos de Cerdo, which combines tender pulled pork with spicy chipotle in soft bao buns, each dish is a delight. The Cangrejo de Concha Blanda is a seafood lover’s dream, featuring soft-shell crab with a twist of yuzu and avocado. The Anticucho de Pollo presents perfectly grilled chicken skewers, a taste of the grill that makes you feel you’re on a warm beach.

Photo by Ben Carpenter

Famous for their fish, Peruvian ceviche is the perfect way to absorb the fresh and vibrant flavours of South America. COYA takes advantage of this incredible display of flavour with an entire course dedicated to varying preserved fish dishes that escalate from delicate to powerful. Moving from Ceviche de Lubina Clasico, a carefully balanced classic using the go-to Tiger’s Milk, to the innovative Peruvian Tiradito de pez limon; yellowtail sashimi that’s elevated with little to capture the beauty of the ingredients. The combination of dishes showcases a seamless blend of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines that highlights the extraordinary skill of the chefs. Main courses such as the Arroz Nikkel, a beautifully mixed seabass risotto, and Lomo de Res, tender beef fillet balanced gorgeously with star anise, perfectly display the versatility of Peruvian cooking. The richness of flavour and stunning presentation make the tasting menu a must-try.

Photo by Ben Carpenter

After gorging on delicious Incan treats, it’s hard to imagine dessert tasting as good as it does. Churros like you’ve never had, with orange and lime, milk chocolate, and dulce de leche could satisfy the table, but the Suspiro de Coco y Frambuesa, a masterpiece of coconut mousse, meringue, and raspberry sorbet, offers a sweet, satisfying end to an extraordinary menu.