Curve Hugging Activewear Styles

Thanks to the rise of the activewear craze, there’s no shortage of gym apparel on the market in 2020. However, if you’re not blessed with the perfect hourglass figure, you may feel a little disheartened by the size 8 celebs flaunting the latest athleisure styles.

Luckily, many affordable activewear brands now cater to the plus-size body shape, offering stylish curve-hugging collections. Read on to discover our top plus-size athleisure picks…

Tight-fitting yoga pants are not mandatory

The yoga girl stereotype may be a slim woman in figure-hugging leggings, but this doesn’t mean that these are the only pants suitable for working out. Putting it simply, if you don’t feel comfortable in tight yoga pants then don’t wear them.

Thankfully, there are many alternative bottoms available that offer the same comfortability and range of motion. Most activewear brands now offer awesome plus-size clothing ranges featuring various styles of joggers that are suited to yoga, pilates, Zumba, and gym workouts. In particular, we’re loving ultra high-waisted flare pants that still allow boundless motion.

Loose-fitting, moisture-wicking tops will keep you cool

Firstly, tight workout tops do not feel comfortable for anyone. When working up a sweat, you need quick-drying fabrics that help you feel light and breezy. Combine this with moisture-wicking technology that quickly mops up your sweat and prevents it from staining.

Above all, avoid materials that absorb moisture. With these garments, as you sweat your top will stick to your body in all the wrong places.

Whether you’re in the gym or attending your yoga sessions, a breathable mesh swing tank top is a great choice of attire. By taking a glance at Fabletics videos you may better know why it is so. Also, the style that the attire offers is cut in a flattering swing silhouette style with move-easy side slits to keep you cool and sweat-free as you burn the calories.

A full-coverage, good quality sports bra is your best friend when working out

A high-quality sports bra will make your breasts look good under your flattening swing top. Moreover, it will help you feel safe and supported as you move around. Just because you’re a large chested woman does not mean that you have to worry about your boobs slipping out every time you bend down to touch your toes.

A high impact sports bra will give you full coverage and support, helping you relax and feel at ease. Plus-size sports bras are specially made to give sufficient breathing space to your breasts without squishing them together. They also protect the tender breast muscles from injury when you work out rigorously, such as in that sweaty HITT class!

As you can see, there are many flattering activewear styles out there that are designed to give you the support and confidence you deserve. With gym apparel for every body shape, there’s no excuse not to make the most of your gym membership.