Dating Challenges for Lesbian Women Over 50

Being a single lesbian can be exciting. You might find yourself constantly appraising potential partners, from that new girl who has started in the office to the charming woman who always smiles when dispensing refreshments at your favorite coffee shop. It can also be challenging. How do you know which prospective date will be right for you? Where do you go to connect with other lesbians these days? What should you wear on a first date? Here we’ll consider some of these challenges and work through the best ways to resolve them and find happiness.

1. Jitters about getting back to the dating scene

Of all the factors that can create barriers to women seeking relationships, one that will always seem particularly burdensome is worrying about the road ahead. Perhaps you’ve been through a relationship that didn’t end well, and you are seeking someone you can trust. It would only be natural to feel apprehensive and concerned about being hurt again. A new lesbian relationship can be a journey into the unknown. There are always so many questions that can never be answered at the outset. What if you fall for someone who turns out to have unpleasant character traits that only surface after a while? What if their job requires them to move to a different location? Could you handle a long-distance relationship, or would you move with them? Sure, all these issues can prey on your mind, but a golden rule is not to fear the worst. Adopt an optimistic viewpoint. As a famous song once said, what will be – will be! Whatever obstacles end up in your path, there will always be a way around them.

2. Fear that everyone is looking for young girls

A common doubt amongst more mature lesbians is the notion that the world of singles is slanted towards youth. Where do older lesbians go to connect if they feel they’re too old for trendy bars? You could always check out what is becoming an increasingly popular platform: online dating outlets. Many of these are solely aimed at the LGBTQ community, and once you complete the straightforward application process, you can check out dating sub-headings, such as senior lesbian hookups, age-gap fun, interracial girl romance, or any one of countless topics. Getting acquainted with a cross-section of the dating site’s members is easily accomplished if you pop into the online chat rooms now and again. 

3. Less time for dating due to other responsibilities

It’s always so important to achieve various balances in your life. Whether that’s mixing your working or study time with leisure pursuits or partitioning your free time into socializing and dedication to a relationship. A good tip would be placing yourself centermost. Make plans that don’t involve you, always giving priority to others. You can utilize technology to give a helping hand, such as downloading useful calendar apps that will allow you to focus on deadlines AND give you breathing space to make the most of hobbies that bring you happiness. Instead of always ending up booking last-minute breaks, think of vacations well in advance, ensuring these trips revolve around your other lifestyle choices.

4. Burden of negativity in previous relationships

There will always be a temptation to look backward rather than forward. When you are getting over a previous connection, you might dwell on the good times, wondering if you’ll be able to rekindle these feelings with a new female partner. Or you might worry that you are going to repeat the same mistakes that caused your relationship to destabilize. Here’s another snippet of advice for you to take on board. Try to draw a line on the past. If you are still fixating on things that occurred some time ago, you need to think about closure. Until you let negativity go, this will always be a weight on your shoulders, preventing you from making the most of new opportunities. Try to avoid making comparisons. When you’re out on a first date with a delectable woman, don’t say inwardly, ‘my ex wouldn’t have said that,’ or ‘I wonder if her taste in movies is as good as the ones I used to enjoy with my ex.’ Embrace the present instead. Focus on creating new memories and dream of the wonderful opportunities for fulfillment that lie ahead.

We live in a far more inclusive world than ever before, but lesbian couples can still face challenges. Perhaps you are new to the scene, having been struggling with your true feelings for some time. Some lesbians even find themselves enduring straight relationships for fear of losing acceptance. But the good news is that there will always be support on hand, whether you opt for the social hubs suggested here or build a valuable friendship circle. Take every new day as it comes, and anticipate meeting someone who will light up your life.