Dior Parfums Presents: Dare in Gris Dior

Alone yet together, different yet linked by their audacity, iconic and yet so similar.

Dior Parfums has gathered together a group of remarkable artists, who are the true multi-cultural idols of a new generation, guided by the spirit of diversity and authenticity in the same way that a perfume reveals its accords, each of them draws inspiration from the scent Gris Dior and discloses a facet of their character.

Mikael Jansson for Parfums Christian Dior

Jenna Ortega risks everything...

Jenna Ortega has been thrust into the spotlight since her portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the eponymous Netflix series, directed by Tim Burton. A committed actress, she supports numerous charities and is scheduled to appear in several productions in 2023.

Mikael Jansson for Parfums Christian Dior

Joseph Quin opens up, no holds barred…

Made popular by the role of Eddie Munson in the series “Stranger Things”, Joseph Quinn is a British actor who performs both on camera and on stage at the Royal National Theatre in London.

Mikael Jansson for Parfums Christian Dior

Liu Yu Xin dives into colour…

A multi-talented singer, producer and street dancer, Liu Yu Xin became the leader of THE9 at the age of 22. A rising star in China’s new wave of music, she was named one of the 30 most influential artists under the age of 30 by Forbes China in 2020.

Mikael Jansson for Parfums Christian Dior

Fai Khadra puts a spell on luck…

A multidisciplinary artist and a close friend of the House, Fai Khadra is involved in many creative fields including music, fashion, architecture, set design, art direction and fine arts.

Mikael Jansson for Parfums Christian Dior

Orelsan has no filter…

Multidisciplinary artist – author, composer, performer, director, scriptwriter, etc. – Orelsan is one of the most influential artists on the French scene. Winner of several Victoires de la Musique awards, Orelsan is a close friend of the House of Dior.

Mikael Jansson for Parfums Christian Dior

Thuso Mbedu flies high…

Originally from South Africa, Thuso Mbedu is a trained actress and two-time International Emmy nominee. Committed to women’s issues, she creates and develops productions focusing on equity, climate and health.

Mikael Jansson for Parfums Christian Dior

Maya Hawke reveals herself…

Maya Hawke was revealed through her roles in the series “Little Women” or more recently as Robin Buckley, the first LGBTQ+ character in the Netflix series “Stranger Things”. She is a multi-talented artist, revealing herself in the Gris Dior collective.

Dior Parfums encourages them to share what they dare to be, to do and to dream. Whether they act, sing, dance or create. They are all models of talent and audacity.

Gris Dior unisex eau de parfum, £345 (250ml)