How to Achieve the Cottagecore Aesthetic 

When life becomes overwhelming, we tend to wish for a slower pace so we can actually enjoy everything around us. Acquiring great popularity on social media, the cottagecore aesthetic offers us an alternative to the busy city life, drawing inspiration from the idyllic countryside.

Cottagecore is centered around living in harmony with nature, embracing the traditional way of things, and generally romanticizing most aspects of your life.

This aesthetic is a visual representation of natural elements embedded in everyday life: floral patterns, plant-like decorations, organic materials and foods, as well as the outdoors. Here are a few ways to achieve and incorporate this aesthetic into your everyday life: 

Home decor

To decorate your home in the cottagecore aesthetic you need to focus on a few simple ideas. This style is generally rustic and whimsical, with fun combinations of spring-like pastels and earth-toned hues. To achieve this aesthetic use items made of natural materials like wood, linen or wool, that add texture to any room. You can also incorporate a few vintage pieces like distressed picture frames, thrifted table cloths or kitchenware. Quirky cups and mugs are also a great way to achieve the cottagecore aesthetic. Colored wine glasses, or asymmetrical coffee cups are a great way to elevate your kitchen essentials. Having fresh flowers or planting a few varieties around your home will perfectly embrace the natural vibes of this aesthetic, and keep your home smelling wonderful.


Usually associated with fairytale-like garments and prints, cottagecore is represented by pastels, puff sleeves, chiffon dresses, cozy sweaters or fun earrings. Choose soft flowy materials that drape elegantly around your body, like silk dresses and linen tops. Overalls, voluminous dresses, and floral patterns are representative of the cottagecore aesthetic. You can incorporate nature-inspired jewelry pieces like leaf-shaped earrings or hair clips made from resin with dried flowers. Cottagecore fashion usually includes layering. The beautiful lengthy dresses are usually paired with cozy sweaters and cardigans like the popular Aran knitwear. These merino wool pieces offer great comfort and durability. You can choose an Irish sweater from the latest ladies’ collection as these from Tara Irish Clothing that will make the perfect layering piece for your cottagecore outfits. Another great cottagecore choice is wearing vintage pieces so don’t shy away from shopping in your local thrift stores! To complete the cottagecore style, remember to choose comfy footwear that allows you to move freely in nature. 


To embrace the cottagecore aesthetic and celebrate the simple things in life, you can do a lot of fun activities. For example, you can pick up gardening, whether you have a garden in your backyard, or start planting herbs like basil and rosemary on your windowsill. Cottagecore living often involves homemade meals and snacks so you can relax by baking cupcakes or making your own pasta. Reading and journaling is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also beneficial to your mind and soul. Enjoying walks in nature, or having cute picnics are emblems of cottagecore and a great way to take some fresh air. Lastly, you can embrace your creative side by crafting and trying DIY projects such as crocheting or experimenting with air-dry clay. Whatever you decide to do, remember this life is about slowing down, so take your time, savor each moment, and embrace the simplicity of the cottagecore aesthetic.