Dive into the Magic of Mykonos

Amongst the Cyclades cluster, found in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos stands out as one of Greece’s most beloved islands. It is renowned for its exclusive beach clubs and thrilling nightlife, featuring world-famous DJs and matchless vibes. Known as “The Island of the Winds,” Mykonos often braves powerful gusts, historically harnessed to mill wheat. Today, this significant pursuit is commemorated by the island’s iconic windmills which serve as picturesque reminders of its storied past.

The island’s charm is found in a customary nod to the Grecian flag. Vividly expressed through its whitewashed buildings, topped with distinct blue-domed roofs, the houses are widespread and accented by splashes of red from chapels dotting the rugged landscape. The architecture, along with some of its neighbouring islands, is novel, as cylindrical, stone buildings create a harmonious aesthetic, devoid of sharp edges. If you look carefully you’ll notice that the buildings are all curved irrespective of shape. Similarly, the island possesses metaphorically smooth edges. Its fluidity contributes to an ineffable vibe that visitors often describe as more than just a destination – instead, Mykonos is a way of life.

The History

On the global stage, Mykonos harbours and is in close proximity to both archaeological wonders and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Right in the heart of town lies the castle of Mykonos, an ancient peninsula showcasing the ruins of a ‘timeless place of residence.’ It is only survived by the surrounding churches which remarkably remain intact.

Another nearby marvel is Delos, believed to have been the birthplace of Apollo, the Greek God of the sun, and all immortal beings. Delos stands as the only natural insular archaeological site of such magnitude and significance and according to Visit Greece, “Delos is not a museum; Delos is not there to tell a story. Delos is history itself.” Adding to its mystique, Greek mythology whispers that no one is ever born or dies on this sacred island.

As we’ve explored, Mykonos offers much more than its famed vibrant social scene. Divine cuisine, breathtaking sunsets and rich culture awaits. Nevertheless, one of the biggest challenges the island faces is its own success. Herding in enormous crowds in the peak summer months, Mykonos desperately strives to maintain the integrity of its infamous port. Here are two properties by the Louis Hotels Exclusive Collection that honourably offer a taste of this sought-after destination in equally marvellous ways…

Where To Stay

Mykonos Theoxenia: A Look Back in Time 

Mykonos Theoxenia, ‘a landmark domain protected by the Greek Ministry of Culture’, heralded the dawn of the island’s cosmopolitan era. Blending seamlessly into the landscape with its low-rise structure built from the same stone found at the sea walls, this property stands as a timeless testament to the preservation of the natural environment. Originally constructed in 1960, the hotel was the first 5* establishment on the island and has undergone several renovations, the most recent being a transformative 10-month-long project in 2021. This renovation masterfully captures both the original architectural vision and Greece’s effortless, laid-back and yet refined essence. Stripped bare and brimming with life, the hotel embodies a perfect balance of history and modernity.

The neutral, chic, rooms and suites begin from an intimate ‘Cozy Room’ through to terraced ‘Superior Sea Front Rooms’ and ‘Premium Suites’. Embracing a minimalist aesthetic, these rooms are simply stunning, with subtle furnishing and ornamental touches which tie neatly into the property’s rich history and sentiment. 

The garden, appearing as if found in its natural state, and the pool, seamlessly integrated into the landscape with contemporary design, are prime examples of why Mykonos Theoxenia is a proud member of the Design Hotels collection. This harmonious blend of nature and freshness serves as a reminder of its rightful position and ensures that the hotel remains a beacon of style and elegance on the island.

Food & Drink

The food and beverage offerings are exceptional. Mykonos Theoxenia’s restaurant, Apanemi, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with its name translating to ‘windless’—a fitting shelter from the island’s famous gusts. Executive Chef Antonia Konomi elevates Greek gastronomy with beautifully presented dishes crafted from traditional, organic ingredients, featuring innovative twists that unveil new and exciting flavours.

Seafood, carob bread, and eggplants are delicious staples on the a la carte menu, reflecting the island’s culinary heritage. The menu, curated by award-winning chefs Jerome Serres and Yannis Baxevanis, highlights aromatic herbs and unconventional pairings. This year also marks the introduction of a vegan menu, which showcases their boundless creativity and further instates their commitment to sustainability. 


For those seeking a wellness journey, Mykonos Theoxenia offers the So Spa! From temperature therapy circuits to indulgent bathing rituals, So Spa! provides a sanctuary for those looking to harness the restorative power of the Greek islands or to find balance after a night of revelry.

Situated next to the island’s iconic windmills and just a stone’s throw from Little Venice and the town centre, Mykonos Theoxenia boasts a prime location for immersing oneself in the vibrant Myconian spirit. Yet, despite being amid all the action, the hotel feels like a secluded hideaway, offering a peaceful retreat – perfect for families and romantic getaways. 

Hidden in plain sight, this serene hotel promises tranquillity and an unforgettable experience.


Once in Mykonos – Always in Mykonos 

Once in Mykonos is a fairly new addition to the island, perched on the cliffside, with panoramic views overlooking Ornos Bay. Opened in 2022, the complex is converted from a formerly private villa. Now welcoming all, it has transformed into a thriving hotel catered to adults and offers 58 rooms, suites and exclusive villas, including 2 outdoor jacuzzi-fitted rooms which overlook the bay.

Even the classic rooms impress, boasting magnificent sea vistas, spacious lounging areas, high ceilings, and outdoor patios. The décor, inspired by the island’s aesthetic, features clean-lined, white-washed tones that create a light and airy ambience and the beds are as cosy as clouds, tempting guests to indulge in a duvet day.

Food & Drink 

Capitalising on its spectacular location, the hotel offers an infinity pool and the Infinity restaurant, which delights with divine cuisine, expert mixology, and, of course, sweeping views. The pool is studded by small olive trees and surrounded by loungers, daybeds, and floats. 

The Infinity is situated next to the main pool and the restaurant spills out onto a sheltered seating area for alfresco dining. However, should the weather not cooperate, or in case of a windy day, the main restaurant, with its glass walls, ensures that the stunning views are never compromised. 

Above all, and aside from the remarkable views, is the comforting Greek cuisine. Classic, traditional recipes meet new techniques with modern adaptations offering the very best of both worlds. From breakfast to dinner, the presentation is impeccable, and the menu leaves guests spoilt for choice. Must-try dishes and condiments include truffle butter (an absolute dream!), flatbread, lamb chops, and the Greek salad. 

Another standout feature of Once in Mykonos is its exceptional staff—truly the stars of the show. So notably warm, personable, and passionate about hospitality, they bring a wealth of knowledge and are a great source of entertainment. 


What To Do

While the property is not within walking distance of Mykonos Town, as previously mentioned, Once in Mykonos sits directly opposite the breathtaking Ornos Bay. It is a stunning beachfront lined with Mediterranean restaurants, chic boutiques, and exciting activities. 

Right on the bay, there is also a small harbour where you can hop on for a boat trip. Visit the mystical island of Delos, enjoy a tour of the island, or beat the traffic and arrive at the hottest beach clubs in style. Don Blue Prime Yachting offers excellent catered services for various excursions and journeys, so why not take a ride?


“A place where thought is cultivated and the soul nourished by sublime surroundings, fresh food, and inspired cultural programming.” – Thomas Hayne, co-founder of Scorpios

With impeccable service and vibrant energy, Scorpios stands out as a must-visit beach club and activity, making it an essential part of any itinerary. A momentous part of the island’s recent history, it was opened in 2015 as a ‘haven of peace’ and remains one of the most coveted beach clubs as it now begins to expand overseas. 

“Our aim is to facilitate rituals where like-minded musicians, artists, and travellers from all over the world can come together. A place where everyone can feed off the island’s natural energy, form new connections, feel a sense of belonging, and share in a collective aesthetic, all in the spirit of cultural exchange.” – Mario Hertel and Thomas Heyne, Founders of Scorpios

Mykonos is a playground for those seeking excitement and ultimate luxury, steeped in ancient history. Whether you’re drawn to one or both of these stunning properties, this island promises an unforgettable experience with the Louis Hotels Exclusive Collection’s first-ever premium lifestyle offering. 

Dive into the magic of Mykonos.


How To Get There:

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