Empowering Yourself with Xenia Tchoumi

Xenia Tchoumi is a London based, Russian-Swiss Entrepreneur. However, the word entrepreneur doesn’t quite do her justice, as Xenia is also a public speaker, published writer, digital influencer, model and blogger. She is currently known as a ‘Super Influencer’ and has almost 2 million Instagram followers to prove it. When talking to Xenia, it quickly becomes apparent that on top of being a leading digital lady, she is warm, kind and absolutely charming.

The career path Xenia has followed could be described as unconventional. Signed as a model when she was a teenager, she describes not suiting the industry. “I was always seen as an object,” she says, “I would be upset at the end of castings and didn’t like having to conform to certain ideals of height and weight.”

Alongside her modelling, Xenia also studied at the University of Lugano, Switzerland, graduating with a degree in Economics and an ambition to take on the business world. When asked if university education was important to her, Xenia says, “A university degree isn’t always necessary for business but it is great for your brain structure and mind development.”

She is also quick to give merit to the importance of self education, “I think self education in finance and tax is important because a degree is a luxury that not everyone has.”

After interning at large banking firms as a graduate, Xenia wanted to take her career in a new direction. “At first, It was trial and error. Understanding myself and my own character. I learned more about what I liked and didn’t like. This allowed me to figure out what I wanted to do.”

During this period of reflection, Xenia perfected her blog and engaged users on her social media platforms. Xenia talks about how she enjoys being independent in her work and how social media has allowed her to do this. “Getting into an internet career allowed me to be very empowered and make my own business decisions.” The effects being, frequent spots on magazine covers and big brand sponsorships, “I started working as being the face of a brand but as myself, never as a model. I became well known as a personality.”

Xenia executes her story effortlessly, which is no surprise due to her role as a professional public speaker. From speaking at university lectures, TEDx Talks to the UN Summit in Geneva, Tchoumi is experienced in captivating the attention of large crowds. Before a public speaking event, Xenia follows these steps to prevent nervousness, “I like to practice my speech in the mirror and sometimes I record myself.”

She explains that she has no stage fear, but instead, “Adrenaline kicks in. I like to use the feeling of fear to boost my own excitement.”

Xenia touches upon the UN summit, a dazzling career highlight. “There was a lot of amazing females in the audience, it was an honour! We talked about how the internet at large can empower people to achieve their goals.”

Xenia is chatty and enthusiastic. It is very apparent she has exhibited incredible drive to achieve the dizzying heights of her success. When describing what it is that drives her forward, she goes onto explain that she is an advocate for individual empowerment. “I believe that people should shake off everything that we are being indoctrinated to think, try to find ourselves and form our own opinions.”

She goes on to speak about one of the values she stands by strongly, “I am a feminist,” She says smiling proudly. Female empowerment is at the heart of Xenia’s brand and she regularly expresses the importance of keeping Feminism at the forefront of our minds. “Equality of the sexes is not there yet, there is a long way to go. The work that has been done by brave women, can be undone at any point,” She warns.

Female empowerment is a subject she believes everyone should be involved in. “It’s not just for girls. This is a conversation that needs to happen with men as well.”

For aspiring female entrepreneurs, Xenia advises, “Think of your strengths and use failure to learn, as failure is a necessary step towards being a winner,” She says.

“Work hard, plan, have a vision. Imagine your best case scenario and work backwards from that. It’s very powerful to see yourself winning, because that’s how you figure out how to get there. Remind yourself often of that scenario!” Xenia adds.

Xenia is extremely excited to release a book titled Why You Should Empower Yourself. “I want everybody to read it, and hopefully they’ll like it!”

The book, which is to be released on the 8th December, includes chapters on female empowerment, building resilience as well as coping with pain and using it to your advantage. “People often come to me for advice so I decided to put my life philosophies in a book. Look out for the #powertricks which are practical little pieces of advice for more independent thinking and a happier self.”

“There has never been a more relevant time to order a self help book,” Xenia points out. She’s certainly right there.

To learn more about Xenia’s powerful philosophies pre-order her book here.