ESPA Cryotherapy Facial at ESPA Life Corinthia

ESPA Life at Corinthia London stands as the epitome of refined indulgence and transformative wellness in the heart of the city. Nestled within the luxurious Corinthia Hotel, this sanctuary of opulence and serenity redefines the spa experience, offering an unrivalled escape from the bustling metropolis of London.

ESPA Life is ‘The Epitome of Wellness,’ with an unwavering focus on well-being and the infusion of avant-garde modalities. This transcendent philosophy, epitomized as Restorative Wellness, is rooted in positive lifestyle principles and gracefully weaves its way through the entire spa offering.

Restorative Wellness at ESPA Life is a sumptuous odyssey that places ESPA guests at the core, granting them privileged access to practices that seamlessly meld and unify physical and mental realms through bespoke treatments, gastronomic indulgences, regal exercise regimens, sophisticated movement rituals, and exquisite mindfulness practices.

These transformative experiences are meticulously crafted to not only nurture and connect guests with exclusive methods but also to endow them with unparalleled knowledge and inspiration, elevating vitality and instilling a regal serenity and balance.

Envisioned and delivered through the regal realms of Holisticology and Mindful Wellbeing, ESPA Life’s Restorative Wellness treatments epitomize a fusion of time-tested holistic practices, scientific virtuosity, and cutting-edge technological marvels, offering an extraordinary tapestry of wellbeing experiences. These meticulously orchestrated encounters operate in sublime harmony with the intricate systems of the body and mind, orchestrating a reset of mindful wellbeing and guiding guests on an immersive sensorial sojourn towards self-discovery and the epitome of harmony.

ESPA Life’s Transformational Experiences, a paragon of wellbeing sophistication, unveil groundbreaking treatment encounters employing avant-garde Cryotherapy, the caress of Lymphatic Compression Massage, and the illuminating embrace of LED light therapy.


Indulge in the rejuvenating luxury of the ESPA Cryotherapy Facial, a transformative experience designed to elevate both your skin and spirit. This revitalising treatment begins with a thorough skin analysis, ensuring a personalised approach to address your unique needs. The journey continues with a skilful facial massage that enhances relaxation and promotes overall well-being.

A distinctive feature of this facial is the cryotherapy scalp massage, where the invigorating power of cold vapour harmonises with potent active ingredients. This dynamic combination, complemented by the ancient techniques of marma and meridian massage, works synergistically to recharge your skin, leaving it refreshed and luminous. Beyond the physical benefits, the ESPA Cryotherapy Facial offers a mental awakening, leaving you with renewed clarity and a profound sense of balance.


Whitehall Pl, London SW1A 2BD, United Kingdom