Exotically Beautiful Places You Need to Visit More Than Once

The world is full of warm, luscious, and exotic locations. When you have one that you particularly like, it will often become your go-to holiday destination, and returning to it can feel like returning to a home away from home. While you should, of course, see what else the world has to offer, returning to your favorite haunt can do no harm. There are many destinations where visiting more than once is recommended, as you may not have time on a single trip to see everything. This page will seek to tell you a few exotic destinations that are so rich in history, landscape, and culture, you simply cannot see everything on a simple vacation.

Here are some exotic, beautiful places that you absolutely must visit more than once.


Peru is somewhere you simply cannot take in on a single trip. A tour can be a very practical way to see everything on your second visit but choose your guide carefully. A vacation advisor like this one will do research and establish a tour that will give you the best look at Peru. There is an industry of subpar tour guides thriving across the world, and for the most informative tour, you must shop around.

Tour guides aside, Peru is a rich and vast landscape, ranging from dense jungle to arid mountains. It is one of the only regions in South America where you find snowfall. Peru is rich with ancient history and boasts many temples built by the Inca peoples. One of the most popular and largest, Machu Picchu, was only discovered in the last two hundred years and was completely unknown to the conquistadors who colonized the region.


Rome was once the center of the world. It boats ruins from the ancient Roman Empire, such as the colosseum and the pantheon. One cannot truly see all of Rome in a week. When visiting Rome, be sure to flick a coin into the Trevi Fountain, for they say that one who does so will return to Rome and one who does not will not. Rome is somewhere you must see at least once, and anything other than that is a gift.


Athens is another ancient location rich in history and culture with many ancient Greek remains. A trip to Athens is both historical and exotic. Athens has a beautiful temperature and is one of the oldest cities in the entire world. It is dominated by 5th BC structures and makes for a great vacation.


Mexico is a popular tourist destination and is a country rich in history and culture. It can, in places, be very dangerous, so it is important that before you return to Mexico that you check with your local government authority that it is safe to fly there. Still, notwithstanding security risks, Mexico is a beautiful and diverse country. Chichen Itza, an ancient Mayan temple, and the most visited archaeological site in the world is only a short distance from Cancun and sits in the Yucatan Peninsula. Chichen Itza and the many other temples like it are a reason that you should return to Mexico more than once.

You simply cannot take all of it in on a single trip. The magnitude and size of the temples alone, then when you factor in the rich history associated with it, definitely deserve a second visit. There are many similar temples in Ecuador and El Salvador, and all should be visited at least twice.


Petra in Jordan is an ancient city carved into the cliffside. It has been the site of many Hollywood movies and is a magical, exotic, and mystical place. Petra rises from a cliff between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea and was once known as the Lost City of Petra. It has many structures carved into the cliff and many others that have been hidden or eroded by time. Petra is a beautiful place, and somewhere you must visit many times to truly appreciate it.



Egypt, land of the Pharaohs. Egypt is an exotic and diverse country that sits in Northern Africa. It is best known for the Nile River and the Pyramids of Giza. For a truly magical experience, take a tour of the Pyramids, and don’t forget to see the Sphinx. Owing to its ancient history and its rich culture, Egypt is somewhere you cannot simply see once. To truly appreciate it, it requires many visits.

Now you know a few destinations that require more than one visit to take in. All of the destinations on this list are historical, educational, and exotic. Visit any of them for a truly memorable vacation.