Festive Menus at Granary Square Brasserie

Behind Kings Cross in Granary Square lies the Granary Square Brasserie, a doorway into a winter wonderland of joyous dishes and festive fun. As Christmas rolls in, this British and international restaurant transforms into something out of a holiday storybook, complete with an eye-catching polar bear installation at its doorstep that, besides making for the perfect selfie, welcomes you to a winter-blues-melting adventure.

Granary Square Brasserie has successfully managed to celebrate the festive season without being cliché, kitsch or cringy. This place is about pushing the boundaries of what festive dining can be. Forget the usual turkey and pudding routine. Here, Christmas is reimagined on a plate. The festive set menus are like culinary carols, each dish singing its own unique note.

Before diving into the festive food foray, help yourself to vintage sparkling Cuvée or a candy floss topped Gin-gle Bells Fizz. A bright and lively pink cocktail that not only shocks with the vibrancy of passionfruit, lime and cranberry but finishes with fun snowballs of bursting juice.

The Brasserie’s festive menu is deeply entwined into their à la carte menu for any kind of dining desired, but for the full experience, they offer set menus which explore some of the best dishes available. A way to celebrate winter, complete with all of the favourite classic holiday dishes.

Christmas morning luxury treats start off the menu. The incredible ballotine of duck parfait is smooth and rich with nuttiness coming from hazelnut and a more-ish tartness from the cranberry chutney. For something more traditional, there’s the Severn & Wye smoked salmon. Served on dark rye, this dish needs no additions, a hint of lemon brings out the perfect in an exquisite favourite.

Moving to the main event, the Christmas day lunch. Except the goose and turkey shepherd’s pie isn’t your grandma’s shepherd’s pie. It’s a luxurious and cheeky mix of confit goose and turkey, topped with a flawless pig in a blanket and a cloud of mashed potatoes and rosemary. The dish doesn’t just fill your stomach; it captures the very essence of a British Christmas.

The fillet of sea bass is a traditional meal made with skill and love. The deep opulent saffron and tomato sauce coats fat mussels and the perfectly baked fish, while generous helpings of samphire add to the incredible texture.

As for the sweet finale, the festive crème brûlée is a yuletide hug, with its winter berry cinnamon compote and shortbread, while ‘A Polar Bear Christmas’ dessert is a delight to see as well as eat. A white chocolate snowy dome containing clementine and orange sorbet is melted away with chocolate sauce exposing its contents and creating a wintery scene that’s like Christmas in a bowl.

Granary Square Brasserie also knows that festive moments are to be shared. Their private dining options offer a refuge from the holiday madness. A Christmas adventure, whether on a date, work do, or meeting with the family. A place where every bite is a celebration, every sip a toast to the season. Festive dining is redefined, one plate at a time.