freebeat Lit Bike: A Fun Workout Experience Based Upon Your Favorite Music and Colors

Freebeat Lit Bike Stirs-Up the Home Fitness Terrain with Innovative and Ultra-Modern Home Bikes Designed to Make Home Workouts Fun and Entertaining 

Incorporating home workouts into fitness routines has been an advantageous way of keeping the tempo high while at home and getting daily exercise done on days that are not convenient to hit the gym, or engage in an outdoor workout. 

There’s little wonder why individuals invest in home workout equipment and set up a space to work out from the comfort of their homes. However, a few people may have concerns that exercising from home may not be as engaging as a gym or outdoor exercise. This is the gap freebeat’s Lit Bike fills.

With the revolutionary 22” HD rotatable touchscreen and gamified classes, freebeat opens a new chapter for home fitness lovers. Unlike traditional-designed home bikes which have old long-used routines, freebeat’s Lit Bike offers a more innovative approach to engaging workout sessions by allowing its users to enjoy their routine workout by riding and vibing to a song’s beat. 

Rather than display typical data such as rpm, distance, and calories, the Lit Bikes focuses on users’ performance when they ride to the beat. They can choose their favorite genre of music from rock music, to pop music, or even EDM, or select from their preferred top hits. 

The Lit Bike is super user-friendly and even beginners are able to perform well with no help while they enjoy riding to the beat. Exercising with the freebeat Lit Bike has been proven to be way more entertaining than the regular workout that involves following an instructor’s guides which can easily become boring as a result of the repetitive nature of the routine.

You may assume that such a mind-blowing design must come at a high cost, however, freebeat makes it 100% affordable for its users. While the average cost for a home bike is $2,500, the Lit Bike is competitively priced at $1,699, including shipping and a free 45-day trial. After the free trial, the monthly membership is set to be as low as $39, which guarantees access to HIIT, barre, cross-training, and stretching courses for up to 10 people under one account. 

The Lit Bike comes in four colors: Space Black, Aurora Pink, Snowpeak White, and Moonbow Beige. The unusual bright color design makes freebeat stand out from traditional workout bikes that come in dark colors only and this sparks more motivation and energy in the users’ workout process.

With an emphasis on making every workout session highly entertaining and memorable, and providing a seamless user experience, freebeat’s Lit Bike has undoubtedly made itself a game changer in the industry.