How do wristwatches affect the image of women and men?

Wristwatches will never go out of fashion. Currently, watches are more often used to create an individual image that characterizes the wealth of the owner. Do watches affect the image of a female or a male differently? Let’s figure this out.

  1. Women’s watches can spoil the image if they are not chosen correctly?

Any girl or woman, creating her image, should pay attention to every, even the smallest, accessory.

Any female representative who devotes a lot of time to her appearance knows that even the most fashionable and well-chosen outfit cannot make the expected impression on the people around her if the accessories are not chosen correctly. Wristwatches play the main role in creating the perfect image.

2. Does a watch determine a man’s wealth?

rectangular silver clock Why exactly a clock and not, say, a house on the ocean? The answer is simple – the clock is always in sight. For a man, a watch is also the main accessory, it is perhaps the most important element of the image that characterizes its owner. At all times, men’s watches were considered the main attribute of a person from the upper strata of society.

3. Can a woman wear a men’s watch?

Men’s watches are also suitable for women! Fashion is moving faster and faster. At present, no one will be surprised if he sees a man’s watch on a girl, this is not an indicator of a lack of taste. On the contrary, such an accessory can complement any style; any clothes will look great with men’s watches like Casio.

4. How to choose a watch? A few tips:

• Buy what you can afford. If you have a large amount of money and you want a watch from a famous brand, then of course take what you like, otherwise, choose what you like from the available models.

• Buy a watch that you will wear all the time. You don’t have to buy them as a solace for one evening. In this case, it is better not to buy at all.

From all of the above, we can conclude that watches are an integral part of the image of a person, a necessary element that plays an important role both in the image of a person and in life in general. The presence of a wrist watch speaks of a person’s taste, style and status, they can even tell about the character and passions. Plus, it’s a great accessory to go with any outfit. Currently, wristwatches have moved from a necessity to a group of accessories and luxury.

Modern men, no less than women, think about the image, style and combination of clothes with accessories. Have you ever thought about how many watches a man should have and under what things they should be worn? Let’s think about this a little.

Men’s watches should emphasize the style and status of a man, so before you buy this or that model, think about whether it fits your suit, image and lifestyle.

So, according to etiquette, every self-respecting member of the stronger sex should have at least three types of men’s watches:

1. For special meetings, for example, with business partners, it is advised to wear, as they say, “dress watches”. They must be free of scratches on the glass or other defects (scuffs, cracks) that occur during long wear. The cost of the accessory does not have to be fabulous, however, it should look presentable;

2. Do not wear classic models during sports. This picture looks, to put it mildly, “cheap”. If a man is jogging and a gilded bracelet with a dial is jumping on his wrist, it looks quite pretentious. For training, you should purchase a sports-grade accessory or not use it at all;

3. Choose a watch for every day according to the etiquette that is adopted at your work. If you work in some company of programmers with forever unshaven faces, it is unlikely that anyone will ever pay attention to your image, so you can buy whatever you like without regard to modern fashion. But if you need a worthy accessory for a suit for daily meetings and negotiations, you should either choose an elegant classic or look at the watch models that are popular among your work colleagues. Then you will definitely not miss.