How to care for suede shoes: vise guide

Suede is noble, stylish and beautiful. But not everyone chooses suede shoes because they get dirty easily and are difficult to care for. To deny yourself the pleasure of being on the wave of fashion is not worth it. You just need to know the rules on how to care for suede shoes.

Shoe care rules

Care begins on the day of purchase. The first thing you need is to buy a brush, paint, a suede eraser, as well as sprays to protect against moisture and unpleasant odors. Upon arrival home, immediately treat the new thing with a water-repellent spray three times. The coating will help maintain color, hairiness, protection from getting wet and the formation of white salt spots.

Daily protection is the basis of the care instructions for suede shoes. Upon returning home, shake off the dust with a brush, if it gets wet, dry it, ventilate it well on the balcony once a week. Change the insoles regularly, renew the water-repellent impregnation, and tint if necessary. Remember that all types of processing are acceptable for a completely clean surface. Any products applied over street dust and wet skin will cause the pile to stick together and lose its appearance.

Suede shoes are a luxury that everyone can afford. Shoes made of chamois cloth will always be in fashion; every day it conquers more and more people with its elegance and sophistication. But, unfortunately, such a pair of shoes is not very practical and requires constant care for it. After reading this article, you can find out what to wear with suede shoes and how to care for them.

How to wear men’s suede shoes?

Not only women are interested in good and high-quality shoes, men also do not mind having shoes made of natural material in their wardrobe. Men’s suede shoes emphasize individuality and create an incomparable, original style. But for everything to really look so beautiful, you need to know how to wear shoes made of this material correctly so as not to look stupid and tastelessly dressed. An unusual model of shoes is – brogues. These are shoes decorated with perforations and can be both with open lacing and with closed lacing. And brogging itself is the application of holes of different sizes to the surface of the material. Shoes of this model are produced not only in black, but in a wide variety of colors and shades, and are designed more for informal wear. Brogues are suitable for loose-fitting and cut clothes, jeans, light-colored trousers and shorts.

Another interesting model of men’s shoes are classic shoes. Such shoes have some limitations in colors, and are worn to work and for business meetings. Suede gray, navy blue, brown and black shoes will be a stylish detail in the overall look. This type is worn under a shirt, dark trousers and a sweater, or jeans. And in the cold season, they can be combined with a warm woolen coat, a flannel or tweed jacket. But, despite the fact that the model is classic, such suede shoes are not recommended to be worn under a trouser suit or a tuxedo, it is considered bad form.

Under what to wear women’s suede shoes?

With suede shoes, you can combine many completely different looks. Under such shoes fit things from different fabrics, styles and colors. Let’s take a closer look at what to wear with suede shoes. One of the correct colors for suede is beige and all its shades. A combination of shoes with clothes in brown, orange, peach and red will also look smart. You can wear trousers and dresses made of natural fabrics.

A mysterious and stylish outfit can be obtained by combining shoes and things of the same color. In the photo you can see how beautiful gray shoes and clothes of the same color look. And so that everything does not merge with each other, wear a white or bright shirt, T-shirt.

Suede shoes are noble shoes, with the help of them you can create a luxurious look that you can “walk” to a gala event. Wear beautiful long dresses, you can with a deep neckline or open back. The color scheme can be very diverse: burgundy, blue, emerald green, black – all these colors look rich and impressive. You can make an outfit light and airy if you wear things in light, pure colors, but at the same time shoes should be made of smooth and soft suede. For rough material, select the appropriate fabric. You can combine several different colors, but no more than three, otherwise it will not be beautiful and tasteless.

For casual wear or outings with friends, choose bright and saturated colors. Do not be afraid to experiment, because otherwise you will not find your own style. And every woman should have clothes and shoes for all occasions.

For work and important meetings, you can also wear suede shoes, but things under them should be chosen in calm, not flashy shades. And shoes are better on wedges or stable heels.

A special place should be given to the combination of suede heeled shoes with trousers or jeans. The legs are visually lengthened, and all figure flaws are correctly hidden.