Fun accessories for the spring of 2023

The spring season is approaching fast and in terms of outfits, this is one of the best times of the year. With the weather changing, the outfits that we are wearing should change as well and one big thing about spring is how we accessorize our outfits. Finding the right pieces to go with your spring attire can be hard, so we decided to come up with some ideas for you. Whether you like simple jewelry, fun hats or colorful scarves, you will find something for you in this article. So get reading and get ready to look stylish this spring. Check out some more inspiration on Vogue and you’re ready for some instagram-like outfits.

Bold Jewelry

In the past months, super colorful jewelry became very popular and it sure is a great addition to any basic outfit. Accessorizing with some boldly colored necklaces or earrings can really bring any neutral top to life and it’s a great way to get some spring colors incorporated into your daily wardrobe. You can go for fun flower earrings, bead necklaces or mismatched rings, pair them with a classic flowy white shirt and any pair of jeans and you’ve got yourself a great eye catching look. This suggestion is focusing on the small details, so it’s easy to achieve and has a big impact. 


While the winter season is over, some pieces can still be incorporated into spring. One of these pieces is a scarf. Scarves are of different styles and thicknesses and if you choose the right one, it will complement your spring outfit just well. We suggest going for a silk scarf around your neck and pairing it with a flowy dress. Scarves can also be tied around any handbag to give it more uniqueness. If you need inspiration for scarves you can take a look at This is a great way of adding details to your outfits and to show off your unique style. You can incorporate them into a half up half down hairstyle and they will sure make you pop.

Bucket Hats

If you prefer sporty or very simple outfits and you’re not much into jewelry, this next suggestion is for you. Bucket hats are more and more popular and they come in many colors and patterns. They are an easy way of making any outfit interesting and they require no effort when styling them. They also make a great accessory for a bad hair day so you can use this as a lifehack as much as you can use it as a styling advice. Pairing it with some sunglasses will give you a festival look so if you’re looking for some fun outfit ideas, this is a great option on all levels.