Get The Perfect Playmat For Your Next Gaming Experience

E-gaming has been on the rise for the past two decades, largely because of the advances in technology and gaming engines. Coupled with the fact that gaming technology has become more economical and widely available for the global population, it is much easier and affordable to build a gaming computer.

Today’s PC games are not only realistic in terms of graphics and in-game physics, but the nature of the game itself is far more realistic than the arcade games of the ’90s. Modern shooting games even factor in things such as heart rate, breathing speed, and the level of fatigue a character is experiencing when taking a shot. Variables such as these make 21st century PC games a very immersive experience for both children and adults.

Playing With Friends

Whether you are into first-person shooter games, strategy games, puzzle games, simulations, or role-playing games, there is a game out there that will fit your preferences. You can take your gaming experience a step further by signing up for online gaming and competing with players from around the world.

The folks at Microsoft reported that they saw a 130% increase in online multiplayer activity during March and April of 2020. This can be attributed largely to the fact that people were home-bound in this period during the lockdown. Multiplayer gaming gives you the chance to socialize while you play your favorite games. Previously PC gaming was seen as an isolating activity in which a person was confined to their room and their PC. Even when playing multiplayer, one is still confined to their own PC, but you are communicating with people all over the world.

How To Play?

Nearly every big PC game title is available for all the mainstream operating systems. Unless you are running Windows 98, with whatever setup you have, you can play all the modern games.

It’s true, some PC games are very system-intensive and will not perform optimally on a weak PC. However, you can easily upgrade limiting components such as the graphic card or RAM and see a drastic improvement in in-game performance. When it comes to desktop PC’s everything is customizable both in terms of the hardware and the aesthetics. If you are playing from a laptop, hardware upgrades will be more difficult to do and you will be limited in the options you have. If you just want to make your gaming setup look better, you can do so on either a laptop or a desktop.

What To Play?

There is a big variety of games available for PC, which can be played on most mainstream operating systems. Most gamers prefer playing on a desktop, however, a decent laptop can easily play all of the big titles.

In a report put forward by gaming giant Steam, PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) has cemented its position in the number one spot. In fact, PUBG has been in the number one spot for quite some time now and boasts over 40 million global downloads. You can also watch gameplay videos online to get a better idea of what the gameplay involves and how the game is set up.

There are a variety of mobile-only games which have huge followings. Clash of Clans is a popular mobile game, it is a strategy game, a popular genre with mobile users, but you can get racing, shooting, and every other kind too.

More Than Just Fun

PC gaming, and e-gaming in general, is big business not only for the game developers and tech companies behind the game but also for the players. Some of the big global tournaments that take place have a prize money pool well over the $25 million mark. Given, there are a couple of thousand people who eventually win this money, it still accounts for some very decent earnings for each player. In other tournaments where there are only 5 or fewer winners, the top spot earns the player quite a large profit.

So if gaming has grown on you over the past year while you were home-bound and had nothing else to do, you could consider making it a full-time profession. Just because it’s ‘gaming’ don’t underestimate the amount of work it takes. Professional gamers spend 10+ hours a day practicing the games they compete in.

Otherwise, if you are an amateur player with a love for the e-sport lifestyle, there is a lot to learn about gaming and what you can do as a gamer. This can be a very broad hobby with a lot more things to do than just building and customizing your next gaming rig.