‘Give Them A Break’ the Charity for key workers

Being thanked is one of the simplest, but most deeply appreciated, and often overlooked, things. The ‘Give Them A Break’ fundraising campaign aims to provide 10,000 holidays for those key workers without whom the lock down period would have been, not just unbearable, but unthinkable. It is a small recognition not just of the back breaking hard work during the height of the pandemic, often at tremendous personal risk, but also of all the work for donkey’s years that pre-dates that and stretches on into the future.

Rachel McCaffery, the founder of Give Them A Break commented “Week after week the Great British public has shown their appreciation for those who have helped us, healed us and held the country together since the pandemic began. Although we may not be clapping for carers anymore, our key workers should still be recognised for the effort and sacrifices they’ve made, and will need a break when this is all over.  We believe that now’s the time to do something practical so we’re calling on everyone to show their gratitude once more and donate to our fund. By the end of this, with the help of the British public and the UK travel industry, we aim to provide 10,000 days out, breaks and holidays for the key workers who have done so much for us all.” 

Whilst Give Them A Break may make tremendous progress by working with travel agencies, tour operators and the like, what is really required to push the initiative forwards is kind donations to help take a real step closer to that 10,000 days out target to reward those who have worked, and continue to work, tremendously hard for our benefit.

The campaign is comprised of two initiatives, the Give Them A Break Fund which is now live, which invites members of the public and businesses to donate. The funds collected will be used to purchase holidays and experiences for low income key workers and their families. The second initiative is The Give Them A Break Directory, which will officially launch at the end of this month. Through this directory a range of exclusive deals and discounts from various travel brands will be available to those low income key workers who do so deserve a small token of appreciation.