My Life in Isolation… Kristen Turner

Kristen Turner is a creative director living in Los Angeles, California. She runs @acreativestudioinla and is the editor of @maejonesmagazine.

We caught up with Rachel to find out about her life in isolation…

Where do you live? What does isolation look like for you there? How has your local community been affected?

I live alone in Downtown, Los Angeles and I’ve only left my apartment a handful of times to get groceries. While I’ve always been ok with being alone it’s a strange feeling to be alone all the time! I’m thankful for technology that allows us to stay connected.

The other people in my building have really come together though. When it’s someone’s birthday, we open up our windows at a certain time and all sing to them. The humanity has been lovely to witness.  

Can you talk us through your daily routine in isolation?

I’ve worked from home most of my career, so I’ve always had a daily routine and I’ve just stuck to what I know. Wake up, coffee, a little news, turn the tv off, shower, get dressed and get to work. Nothing much has changed in that regard.

How has your life changed since being in isolation?

Actually, I’d have to say quarantine has allowed me to be at my most creative! After the initial shock wore off, I realized I rather liked being at home.

The feeling that the world has stopped removed the anxiety and pressure of keeping up with my work peers and allowed me time to think clearly. I took time to read, watch movies and find inspiration in other ways that have translated into really great content and ideas. 

What are your self-care tips at home?

Take care of your nails. I’ve been pretty diligent about my at-home manicures and it has helped! I discovered a lovely new shade of red that I’ve been wearing most of the quarantine. 

What advice would you give to others that may be struggling?

Take it one day at a time. Also, I consider this whole quarantine experience as a reset button. I’ve really taken this time to evaluate what matters most. Moving forward, those things will be my focus.