GLAMGLOW’s Iconic Glittermask


A sparkly night in with Glamglows' Glittermask.

Gone are the days where you would set aside an evening to hide away and pamper yourself. GLAMGLOW has taken social media by storm with their beautiful face products that just can’t help but show off. My Instagram is dominated by pretty glittering faces but I was curious to find out if these masks feel as good as they look.

As I opened the box, I was greeted with the message ‘Hello Sexy’. Love it. There is a little white brush included to paint yourself with the luxurious ebony mask. It smells like sugarcane and coconuts and I couldn’t wait to slather it all over my skin. One of the key benefits of this mask is that there is no mess. The mask is sticky, so it clings to the skin with ease and without dripping.

The instructions advise that the mask is left on for 20-40 minutes before peeling it off. Enough time to make a cup of tea and watch your an episode of your favourite show. Well, that’s exactly what I did. I relaxed and let it work its magic and after 35 minutes my skin felt so tight and firm that I knew it was time to start peeling. Again, there is no mess, the mask peels off conveniently in clumps so you can pop it straight in the bin with minimal fuss.

My skin was visibly clearer and smoother and felt extremely firm. The firmness of my skin lasted for up to two days which I thought was particularly impressive.


★ VIZITIGHT with Firming Matrix + Marine Algae Plasma + BioDefine Polymers to provide instantly tighter feeling skin.
★ LUNARLIFT boosted with Soy Isoflavone Liposome & Red Algae Extract to help skin feel tighter and more toned.
★ COSMIPLEXION with Icelandic Kelp, Hyaluronic Acid & Mineral-Rich Glacial Clay to help skin feel younger and more resilient.
★ TEAOXI® Complex with Marshmallow + Licorice Leaf to help skin look and feel firmer.

Glamglows #GLITTERMASK is available from £44 online here.

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