Bayalage Hair Transformation: Clo & Flo, Kensington

Hair Transformation: Clo and FloSituated on the Old Brompton Road, in the heart of Kensington, dynamic sibling duo Chloe and Florence Bellas run Clo&Flo salon. Originally their father’s, the sisters took over in 2008 and rebranded. Their ethos was ‘wanting to make customers feel at home’. This was just what I needed because I had to admit, prior to my visit I was feeling somewhat apprehensive. South Kensington wasn’t my usual beauty haunt, playing it safe at the various locals near my home in North London.

I have a complicated relationship with my hair, it has always been long, brown and thick yet often lacks volume and appears lank. I begrudgingly had it highlighted in order to give it a lift a few months ago but no one even noticed and with summer approaching, I wanted a significant hair makeover desperately.

Clo & Flo recommended the highly-coveted Bayalage treatment, which translates ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’ in French. I had actually researched this prior to my visit and was hooked by its promise of low maintenance yet an effortlessly natural look. It had a gorgeous healthy gloss to it, which was just what I needed to lift my dull hair.

Clo and Flo

I stepped into the sleek Salon and was warmly greeted by Flo, whose sumptuous blonde locks entranced me instantly. This was a good start. She introduced me to my colourist Chantelle, one of many talented new stylists taken on since the rebrand. We had a detailed chat about my hair, and Flo and Chantelle advised me to go for the sun kissed tone.

Flo really took the time to make sure we were on the same page before beginning any treatment. We both agreed not to go too light as this would clash with my natural hair colour. We also decided to cut my hair as it was way overdue a cut and style. I have difficult hair – thick and stubborn to say the least and I have always seen it as a challenge but Chantelle and Flo took it on without batting an eyelid. Their seamless craftsmanship was like magic unveiling before my very eyes.

Clo and Flo

Chantelle carefully talked me through each step of the treatment, answering my queries in a confident and reassuring manner. The full process took about an hour and a half, including; highlighting, cutting treating and blowdrying. The final unveiling was wonderful. Not only had Chantelle and Flo lightened my hair flawlessly, but they were also able to correct cutting errors made by my previous stylist. My hair was structured to look thicker, healthier and perkier. Its new tone cleverly amplified my eyes and brought a glow to my skin.

The new hairstyle, gave me a much needed renewal, a look that didn’t require too much maintenance, yet still gave me a new burst of confidence. Clo&Flo is an absolute gem, whether you are looking for a quick trim or a full hair makeover. An unperturbed ambience directed by professional hair stylists at the top of their game. At Clo&Flo’s you couldn’t be in safer or more skilled hands, I can’t wait for my revisit.

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