Healthy Skin: Skincare Routine Essentials

Whether you have been following the same beauty regimen for years or you are looking to branch out with a new routine, there is a specific way of doing things if you want to optimize the results. Good skincare isn’t as simple as getting a load of expensive products and lathering it all up haphazardly. The best way to achieve healthy skin is to strike the right balance between using quality products and implementing the right techniques. Here is a quick guide to help you achieve a glowing complexion.

Begin With a Cleanser

Every morning should begin with a mild cleanser and it should be applied to a moistened face with clean hands. Begin by rinsing your face with water, then massage a small amount of cleanser using gentle pressure. Once applied, rinse with water. Always finish your cleanse by using a soft towel to gently pat your face. Double-cleansing is a good idea if you have had a face full of makeup all day, and so it is only necessary in the evening. The first cleanse removes makeup, the second cleanse is the one that actually cleanses the face.

Follow With Toner

The purpose of a toner is to remove the last traces of impurities in the pores before closing them up. Using a gentle sweeping motion, apply toner to the face and decolletage area with a cotton pad or your fingers. While hydrating toners can be used in the morning and night, exfoliating toners are designed to get rid of dead skin cells and so they are best applied in the evening.

The best toner for you depends on your skin type. Always read the label and look out for specific ingredients that suit your needs. As a general guideline, chamomile is great for skin that needs to be soothed, while rosewater and vitamin E is excellent for dry skin. Oily skin can be tackled using tea tree oil, and for redness and inflammation look out for aloe vera.

Boost Your Skin With Serum

Serum can be applied morning and night, and it is an excellent boost for the skin. A good rule of thumb is to apply water-based serums before moisturizer and oil-based products after. In the morning, a serum formulated with vitamin C can help brighten the skin and protect it from free radicals and environmental aggressors. In the evening you can protect your skin with a moisturizing serum that features hyaluronic acid. Parfumdreams offers a range of serums for all skin types. Serums can come with a hefty price tag and if you don’t purchase one that’s compatible with your skin, you could end up wasting your money. Always read the ingredients list before making a purchase.

Hydrate With a Moisturizer

Hydrate your skin and lock in moisture by applying a quality moisturizer. Normal skin types may benefit from a lightweight formula in the morning and a creamier product in the evening. If you experience dry skin, use a thicker cream in the morning and night.

Always End With Sunscreen

Always end your morning routine with sunscreen that is rated SPF30 or above and has a 4-star rating at the very least. Sunscreen will protect your skin against harmful UV rays and prevent premature ageing. This step can be skipped in your evening routine when there is no chance of sun exposure.