How Do You Maximize the Use of a Standing Desk? Here are Some Tips.

If you have been thinking about investing in a new standing desk, then you’re ready to say goodbye to your sedentary lifestyle. This is arguably one of the most positive decisions you can make for your health. Now, the next thing to ask yourself would be this question: how do you make the most of your standing desk? How do you build the lifestyle you envision fast and make the entire journey of switching to more standing an overall positive experience for you?

Well, as a beginner in this lifestyle, there are things you can do to keep building the habits and make this a sustainable change.

Creating a More Positive Lifestyle with a Standing Desk: Here’s How to Get Started

When approaching this, there are two main things to consider—you and your workspace.

Prepare Your Body

When it comes to you, you’d want to make sure that you are ready to make the shift both physically and mentally. And when you get into it, get into it with your whole heart and with full conviction and focus on the goal that you have. How do you do that?

Eat healthy, sleep well

Start by making sure that your body is ready to do a bit more work than usual—standing. Get enough sleep so you’re in the right mindset. Eat the right food so that your muscles are healthy enough to handle more movement.

Wear the right outfit

This primarily concerns your footwear. Because you’re standing more, you have to make sure that you wear comfortable shoes. That might mean you have to switch your high heels for flats when you’re in the office to make standing more both easier and more comfortable. Choose a pair of shoes that will be comfortable to wear even when you stand for a long period of time. 

Take it Slow

More importantly, don’t rush the journey. Allow your body to adjust to moving more. Otherwise, a sudden change in the demands on your body and muscles might lead to fatigue, and this might discourage you from continuing. So, start small with more sitting than standing. And then, build your minutes over time until you are comfortable to stand more. 

Prepare Your Workspace

Your body might be ready, but your workspace must be conducive to your new lifestyle, too. Check out the things you can do to make sure your space is ready for the change.

Get the right desk

Perhaps the most important, getting the right standing desk will determine your success. Make sure it can handle the demands of your space—get a high-quality and a durable desk that can handle the needs of your day-to-day work life.

When shopping for the right desk, one option you can consider is the MotionGrey Standing Desk. Powered by dual Bosch motors and supported by a three-segment steel frame, this is a high-quality desk designed for more demanding working environments. It’s stylish, made from sustainable materials, and one of the most affordable desks you will find in the market.

Set the desk to a correct height

Once you have the desk, make sure that it is set to the right height, one that will help you stand with correct posture. Electric standing desks operated by a motor come with a keypad will allow you to preset specific heights so that you don’t have to keep setting them every time you use them. Just set the desk to your height, save the data, and then all you need is one single button press next time.

Get the right desk add-ons

There are a few accessories you can get to maximize desk use. One is an anti-fatigue mat, a mat that will help absorb any strain from the concrete floor to your feet and leg muscles. It’s especially helpful for beginners, as it reduces fatigue and stimulates muscles through the knobs and ridges it is designed with. Another add-on to consider is a set of monitor arms. If you have a lot of stuff on your desk and you need to free up some space, you can get monitor arms to take your computer monitors off your desk, elevate them, and make tucking them away when not in use easy.

So, are you ready for a lifestyle change? Get the right standing desk and elevate your work life!