How to Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday in Style This Summer

Summer is a fun season, and understandably the country’s favourite. It is also a popular period for birthdays, which can spell disaster for the best friends among you tasked with planning your bestie’s birthday. It’s never easy to plan out a celebration – which is why we’ve collected some of the best ways to celebrate a birthday in the summer of 2022.

Summer Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are always a fun occasion, even for those who aren’t particularly thrilled about the beverage. Many independent bars and wine shops offer comprehensive tasting sessions, which double as introductory lessons on how to think about a taste. These could be a thought-provoking way to begin a day of merriment.

It is also true that subtle changes to the UK’s climate, coupled with incredible agricultural developments, have led to the quick and extremely quiet rise of English wine. English wines are a sleeper hit, with all the complexity of the best French wines. If the birthday boy is the the sommelier of your group, taking them, yourself and some friends off to an English vineyard promises to be an unforgettable experience – and maybe even the introduction to their new favourite tipple.

Summer Barbecue

If your friend is lucky enough to enjoy a summer birthday, it would be wrong not to ring in the occasion with a barbecue to end all barbecues. You could turn your garden into a tropical party beach, with inflatable decorations and a designated DJ for the evening. 

With little more than a paddling pool and folding furniture you could create a comedy ‘poolside bar’, while serving up delicious food from the grill all day long. Garden parties are low-maintenance, super enjoyable and easy to pull off – no drama!

Themed Party

Of course, the summer weather is anything but predictable. Instead, you could make use of the generally warmer weather to throw open your doors for a winning house party. Set a theme – and, for bonus points, tell the birthday boy a completely different theme!

Putting together a themed party presents some useful opportunities for guiding your gift and card choices. You can make life easier for yourself by picking up a themed birthday card to go with your fancy dress for the party theme, be it blockbuster films or dead celebrities.

A Trip Away

Last but certainly not least, you could whisk your friend away on a whirlwind trip to an entirely new destination. The world is your oyster here, as long as your friend has the passport to back up your plans! Still domestic holidays are just as fun – and you could even turn your trip into a road-trip of sorts. You could have all your friends pitch in to subsidise the holiday costs, enabling you to take your birthday pal for a proper jaunt without the associated cash burden.