3 Easy Ways To Understand Art Like A Pro

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” – Anni Albers.

Art is not merely about creating aesthetically pleasing and mesmerizing paintings, structures, and decorations. Rather it is a dynamic phenomenon that continues to evolve with time and the visualization of the creator. 

Each piece of work has its own meaning, which is left open to interpretation. While some people can naturally understand the artist’s perception and its significance, others can use a 3-step method to understand art. 

What exactly is this 3-step method? Continue reading to know!

  • Look

The first and most obvious step to understanding the meaning of an artwork, let’s say a painting, is looking at it. Studies have shown that, on average, people spend 15 to 30 seconds looking at a piece. However, this time is not necessarily enough to understand the meaning of the artwork. 

It is important that you spend at least a few minutes learning more about the work as well as the artist. It is the minimal thing you can do to appreciate an artist and their work. Ask yourself some basic questions, such as: What type of material is used in creating this piece? Is this abstract art or not? How many hours has the artist used to complete this work? Answering these questions will help you acknowledge the hard work of the artist, and the piece created. 

  • See

Generally, people presume the meaning of looking and seeing in art as one and the same thing. However, both the terms hold different significance in art. Looking is used for its literal meaning to watch the piece of work, while seeing means adding meaning to it. 

For instance, people often buy boho paintings for their abstract art, inclusive of different geometric shapes. By paying attention to the circles, lines, and shapes, the buyer will be able to understand the meaning of the painting better. That’s exactly what “seeing” means. 

  • Think

The final step of understanding art is combining the two steps mentioned above and coming up with all possible interpretations. It doesn’t really matter what you interpret, as the majority of the painting and artwork does not have a “right” answer. Anything that makes you feel at ease and content could be your understanding of the artwork. 

However, sometimes that interpretation is in the name of the piece. Taking the same into consideration makes it easier to understand the work in a broader context. Some artists also have a similar work pattern, such as the bohemian pattern. Learning about the artist and their previous work will also help you get better insights into the work. The key here is to come up with different questions and answers related to art. 

Wrapping It All Up

When you begin observing, understanding art becomes easy. The secret trick here is to be open about the changes and develop your artistic expression. It may be related to classic work or bohemian. Nevertheless, one sure thing is that the more you indulge yourself in art, the better you’ll get to learn about life and aesthetics.