What Colours Can Mean In Your Relationships

Colours can stir a variety of moods inside us – from love to anger to peace. Many brands even use this colour psychology on use within their branding and marketing to influence customers purchasing decisions. Note when you feel an emotion, what colours do you picture that correlate to how you feel? Many colours have subconsciously been assigned to feelings, and here are some ways that colour can be portrayed to your partner, and how to incorporate them into your time together.


Green is known as the colour of love in areas such as the middle east. It is known to support and aid the processing and healing of trauma, used to open up lines of communication between you and your partner. Wearing green, painting a room in your house green or even regularly visiting parks or nature reserves can help your relationship heal and recover from issues your relationship has faced within the past.


In Europe and the USA, red is known as the colour of love, passion and lust. Red can be a great way to add some excitement into the mix, why not pick up some red lingerie to add a touch of romance. Red can help you appear more confident and energetic, so try adding more red into your life if this is something you are striving for! Red can also help you appear more youthful, and compliments a variety of skin tones – so that is a win all round!


Whilst blue may not be a colour you initially think of when it comes to relationships, it is great for symbolising a trusting and loving partnership. Blue can be a great way to show togetherness within your relationship, symbolising commitment and loyalty, while presenting a supportive and protective front. You could further include this in your relationship by incorporating it into clothing or accessories.


Representing love for many Eastern countries, orange represents luck, love and courage. Orange can also spark feelings of memorable conversations and nostalgia, so it may be the perfect colour for a date night. Try to choose a location that has warm, bright colours to further enhance this feeling.


As a perfect mix of both blue and red, magenta represents romantic harmony and affection when it comes to love, so it can be great to use on your anniversaries or special occasions to reminisce on great times shared together.