How to Choose the Perfectly Comfortable and Trendy Bridal Shoes?

Shopping for wedding shoes is one of your wedding ensemble’s least stressful and the most exciting parts. Since you already know what size you wear and what styles are your favourites, shoe shopping is a pretty straightforward task. 

However, before you commit to the perfect shoes, you need to decide your budget. Avoid buying a designer pair you have been drooling over for years just for your wedding. Before buying bridal shoes, the budget, venue, wedding dress and occasion must also be considered. 

Choosing the Perfect Shoes

Heel Height 

This is one of the most crucial and most complex decisions to make when choosing your shoes for the wedding. It mostly depends on a few factors.

Gown Length: Before you go shoe shopping, look closely at the gown you have decided to wear on your wedding day. Depending on your height and the length of your gown, you should decide how high of a heel you should wear. If your gown is floor length with shoes, the gown’s hem should just graze the floor.  

Physical Comfort: This is the most significant factor when determining heel height. Usually, most brides feel pressured to wear high heels on their wedding day. But remember, your wedding is a day that you want to remember laughing and dancing with your friends and family. Don’t let killer heels dampen your fun.

Always go for a brand in which you will be comfortable dancing and walking around all day. If you never wear heels and feel like tripping over, you can also choose platform heels. Try different shoes and select the one you like the best.  

Mental Comfort: Apart from physical comfort, you also have to consider your mental comfort. Some women may be uncomfortable wearing high heels, especially if they are tall. In this case, choose flats or wedge heels.

If you are short and not comfortable with heels, then wear flats. You must not become conscious of something that you’re not comfortable with.  

Style and Colour Palette 

When you are selecting your shoes, find something that complements the style of your gown. But, just because your gown is velvet, it doesn’t mean that your shoes have to be too. In the least, you can choose a stunning pair of wedding shoes in leather to match your wedding dress if they compliment your gown’s colour or embellishments.

Another misconception among brides-to-be is that bridal shoes must be from a white family, which is untrue. You can always add a pop of colour from your colour palette or make them your “Something Blue”. Shoes are an excellent investment, so make sure you pick one you love and can even wear after the wedding. 


When selecting your shoes, consider your venue beforehand. Although you may be in love with the spike heels, if your wedding is outdoors, the thought of walking in grass or sand may change your mind. 

For outdoors, flats are a wonderful friendly option, and you can also select a wedge for extra height. Chunky heels are another option you can choose to wear outdoors, as they lend you height and are relatively stable in most outdoor settings.  


You might think that you have all the time in the world to shop for shoes, but don’t forget that there’s also a deadline. You must buy your shoes and take them with you to your first alterations appointment. This will ensure that your alteration specialist will have the right measurement when hemming your gown. 

The right bridal shoes can perfectly finish a great outfit, and they are a critical factor in your bridal look. So, pick something fabulous that suits all of your needs and requirements.