How to choose the right internal door

The doors in our home are an often-overlooked feature. We use them daily, need them for warmth, privacy and even security and safety but how often do you really think about them? For most, it’s possibly only on the agenda when redecorating or having just moved in. But shouldn’t they be given more thought?

The right doors in your home can make or break the whole feel of the space. That’s why Internal Doors UK are so passionate about everyone getting the right ones. These days, there is no excuse because there are so many options available. From different materials, including different types of wood, to different styles, from period to contemporary and even different functions, not to mention colours, there really is a whole decision-making process required to get the best ones for your home.

That’s why Internal Doors UK have pulled together these top tips of how to choose the right internal door…

Go to a supplier you can trust

Replacing the doors in your home can be a costly affair. It can be even more costly if you end up with below-par quality doors that detract from the rooms and make them look worse. It is important to buy from a trusted retailer that has experience in the manufacture and supply of internal and external doors to ensure you get what you want. The added benefit of using a company of this type is that they will be on hand to answer any questions and provide advice about what would work best. Furthermore, a well-established company with a broad product range is more likely to be able to supply the doors of your home at a competitive rate without compromising on the standard either.

Think about its functionality

What exactly do you want from your doors? The obvious answer is ‘to seal a room off’ but is that it? Is there anything else you might need it to do? For example, some areas might benefit from fire doors, which are specially made to stop a blaze from spreading. Also, did you know that some types of doors can add light to your home? No they don’t have fairy lights stuck on, instead they have glazed panes. This allows natural light to pass through rooms and into other areas, giving an overall brighter finish. This can help lighten dark, dingy areas and create a different feel altogether. If you’re concerned about privacy, the glass needn’t be totally transparent to still have the same properties.

What style is your living space

Perhaps the most crucial part of door-picking is to get them to blend in with your style. If, for example, you live in an art deco property, it is highly unlikely you would want ultra-modern doors, unless you were trying to create a blend of styles within. Contemporary doors work best in modern homes, if you want opulent luxury perhaps rich oak might work better. Just think about the finish you are after and select the right product based on that.

The right doors can elevate the look and feel of your home overnight. Choose wisely and you’ll have a product that can last the duration of your time living there…until you fancy a change that is!