How to Plan a Perfect Marriage Proposal?

Is it just us, or are marriage proposals actually tricky? You must have seen lavish proposals with hot air balloon rides, flash mobs, and a happening place covered with love signs. But who said proposals need to be only extravagant? 

Many like it simple, decent, but yes, special. Get rid of the word perfect as a proposal should be personal and unique for each couple. 

Stay with us as here we share some easy yet special ways how you can plan out a marriage proposal that your partner would love.

Get ready to make them fall in love with you all over again! 

Be Sure of What Their Heart Desires 

Now, this might seem obvious, but the first step in proposal planning is making sure that the other person is also on the same page as you are. Talk to them about your future and know what their heart desires. 

Do they want to get married anytime soon, or if they have other plans? To leave them with a hint, discuss the fake engagement ceremony of one of your friends and lead it that way. Your partner would share their opinions, and that would help you be clear about what they feel. 

After all, you expect your partner to say ‘yes’ when you get on your one knee.

Talk to Their Family 

Too old school? Well, that’s what they like. 

If you are deeply in love and want to take the relationship further, it’s wise if you talk to the other person’s family. Let them know you’re planning to spend the rest of your life with him/her. 

Tell them you’re planning to propose to their child and ask if there are any ideas they’d like to suggest. 

This would help you get the parents’ perspective on the entire situation, which might also help you become more confident.  

Buy a Stunning Ring 

You can’t propose without a striking ring!

This ring is what they would keep as proof of your love; you can’t afford to go wrong with it. Talk to them about different rings and get to know what their preferences are. 

Build out your custom engagement ring if you want to make them feel more special. 

Make a Fake Story to Keep it a Surprise 

You don’t want to ruin the fun by saying, “There’s a surprise for you, darling.” Keep the proposal random and unexpected so that it comes as a surprise to them, and you can enjoy their reaction. 

That being said, make sure to keep the entire vibe calm and romantic so that it gets easy for you to say ‘I love you.’ 

Take Note of Your Feelings

Last but not least, take notes of all the things that you would like to tell them. Write down those special lines that you always wanted them to know. 

It would help you to make the moment more personal and memorable. And what follows next would be a romantic time that you’d never forget.

Final Words

When you want the other person to spend the rest of their life with you, you must ask properly! 

You have to make the moment special. 

Amidst tons of fancy options for proposals, be bold enough to follow your own heart and plan something different that your partner would cherish for a lifetime.