How To Simplify Your Wedding and Make It More Intimate

Weddings are undeniable milestones in everyone’s lives. Such celebrations make the best memories to reminisce over the fruition of love between the couple. Weddings require long to-do lists and plans; they can be hectic to organize. Many people often love to enjoy a perfect ceremony, and they would plan for every detail a year ahead.

While big weddings do have their charm, going with a simple yet refined ceremony will certainly capture hearts. You can have the wedding of your dreams and worry less about the pressures of wedding planning. On that note, here is a list of tips to make your nuptials intimate and simple.

Trim Your Guest List

It is a difficult step to take but sets everything else in motion. The fewer guests you have, the fewer arrangements you pay for. This means minimized costs of catering, church seats, favors, and other expenses. To make the ceremony more intimate, you should consider leaving out distant relatives like uncles, aunts, second and third cousins. The list can mainly include parents, siblings, and best friends. If you have a big family, make sure to explain the reasons for cutting down the guest list, which is mainly financial and personal preference.

Making your guest list is quite simple, but many are afraid of damaging relationships. Look through your recent phone calls and messages, and ensure to invite people you have got in touch with for the past three months, especially those who matter the most to you and your partner. 

Look For a Suitable Venue

Depending on the wedding theme you choose, your venue should translate to that. There are many factors to consider while searching for the right venue for your simple ceremony. For instance, you should check on the availability, budget, and size. You should make sure whether there is in-house catering or not.

This can make planning go smoothly and fast. It is also good to check any nearby accommodation for your guests in case you decide to have a small beach or country wedding. Ideas to celebrate your marriage can be like vintage travel, garden wedding, or even a bed and breakfast inn. When you have these ideas for having a small wedding, you can trust that the process of planning will not be a strenuous task. This makes the day feel more cozy and heartfelt.

Hire A Wedding Planner

Like all ceremonies, small weddings also need attention to detail. Despite being easier than massive weddings, there is no harm in making use of the expertise of a wedding planner. This is a wise investment where you save money by following a certain budget. Wedding planners can work wonders with minimal wedding themes. They will know how to coordinate catering, seating, decorations, and venues through their credible input. They will make sure that everything is done on schedule.

Preparing and planning for your wedding is no easy feat. You’ll need to juggle between looking for venue decors that’ll match your theme, finding booking vendors, helping your bridesmaids get their attire, and shopping for wedding cakes, finding the best reception menus, to name a few. If you’re working a full-time job, running a business, or have other commitments, your wedding preparation can be stressful. With the many benefits of hiring a wedding planner, you can make event planning hassle-free, more enjoyable, and something to look forward to!

Make Your Wedding Favors

With a smaller guest list, you can dedicate the time to craft personal wedding favors. Paying attention to details and emotional connections will mean a lot to your guests. Since everyone is raving about DIY crafts, why not add a personal touch to your wedding?

There are many simple ideas with great emotional influence on guests, such as personalized poems, wooden-carved initials, or personal notes for each guest. You can never go wrong with including customized candy, cookies, and other treats on guest tables. Rather than printing your wedding invitations, make it extra special with beautiful handwriting by a professional calligrapher. You can also compose individual messages for each guest.

Have A Simple Menu

The biggest cost in weddings is food, but you can control how much you spend when you keep the menu simple. Instead of giving guests various choices for dinner, you can select one or two dishes for everyone to enjoy. Your guests are there to share the happiness with you, so it is not about having a fancy dinner. Enlist the help of your caterer to provide the best options.

Most importantly, guests with different lifestyles and food choices will come to your wedding, so you’ll have to watch out for dietary restrictions. Before the big day, you can ask your guests about any food restrictions through an email invitation or personal message. To be particular, add vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free options, as well as kid-friendly foods. It’s best to communicate with your chef or caterer for these specific requests. 

Ask For Help

With the big checklist you have for your big day, it can be pretty exhausting to go through this alone. In case you want to have big DIY parts of the wedding and save costs of hiring planners and coordinators, you should not be afraid to ask your loved ones for help. You will be surprised by how your family and friends will give you a hand in planning and executing. Take advantage of the offers and delegate people. Identify tasks with details and deadlines.

Key Takeaway

Congratulations on your engagement! Now, you are in the exciting yet tiring stage of preparing for your big day. There are a ton of choices to be made when you want everything to look perfect. However, there is beauty in simplicity. When you want to have a meaningful and memorable day, you can invest in simpler ways for planning your wedding. You get the chance to focus more on the personal details that are important to you as a couple. This helps you cherish the moments, break the traditions, and save budget and effort. With the guide provided here, you can create your own unforgettable and stylish ceremony. Happy nuptials!