Immerse Yourself in Nature with a Wildsmith Radical Botany Facial at Liberty

It’s rare that a beauty treatment can transport you from the bright lights of London’s busiest shopping district to the green pastures of Hampshire, but the facials offered by Wildsmith’s new residency at Liberty do just that. 

Dubbed the Radical Botany Facial, with this immersive treatment, you close your eyes in the chic Wildsmith Cabin inside the first floor atrium of London’s most elegant department store and, by the power of earbuds, enter the abundant woodland of Heckfield Place. 

Before you even enter the treatment space, you are invited to take in The Micro-Forest, an area that’s been planted with Japanese Cedar and Lawson Cypress, descendants of original specimen trees first planted by the brand’s namesake botanist William Walker Wildsmith back in the 1860s. The examples you’ll find here have been sensitively grown from seed by the resident arborist team at Heckfield Place, giving you a taste of the Hampshire countryside prior to your treatment.

As you take your seat for your treatment, the provided earbuds play part of an enveloping soundscape that was recorded over three nights during the first lockdown. You hear bees, owls, crickets, flora and fauna swaying in the breeze and the calming rushing of water. A voice guides you through some breathwork exercises while the expert practitioner introduces your senses to clinically proven products that smell incredible. 

Utilising a gentle cleanse and exfoliation followed by myofascial release, tight jaws and tense shoulders will melt away in minutes thanks to the practitioner’s expert hands. This healing sensory experience channels the transformative effects of Wildsmith’s 90-minute Radical Botany Facial on a tight turnaround London timeline. The 90-minute facial has been clinically proven to increase skin moisture levels by 194% after 24 hours – and the 30-minute facial certainly leaves you with glowing skin and a dewy complexion. 

The products used in the Radical Botany Facial are fuelled by botanical oils to give your skin the most natural glow-up possible. To continue riding the Wildsmith wave at home, we recommend investing in the brand’s signature Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm, Eye Serum and Time Release Pre-Serum Drops – or go all out and book yourself an unforgettable getaway at Heckfield Place itself, complete with a visit to The Bothy, care of your new favourite skincare brand.

Wildsmith residency at Liberty, Regent St., Carnaby, London W1B 5AH