Intense shadows meet brilliant light in crystal incense, Acqua Di Parma’s new fragrance

Acqua di Parma, introduces Crystal Incense, the new artistic composition to join the Signatures of the Sun collection, encapsulating the ethereal play of light and shadows, the iridescent glow of olibanum crystals in the desert sun, and the profound depths of incense warmth.

Crystal Incense draws its inspiration from the natural prisms of olibanum crystals that scatter sunlight in a myriad of colours across the desert, setting a scene of pure, iridescent light. A fragrance of harmonious duality, it celebrates both the crystalline brightness and the enigmatic darkness of incense.

Incense, also known as ‘olibanum’, is an aromatic resin obtained from the bark of Boswellia trees. When the bark is incised, it exudes a thick liquid resin. This resin, upon exposure to air, crystallises to form the precious olibanum crystals.

The olfactive journey begins with invigorating top notes of grapefruit, black pepper and ginger, embracing you in spicy embrace. As the heart unfolds, cardamom and Olibanum CO2 come together with the rich essence of cedarwood of Atlas oil, in a symphony of earthy, woody nuances. The base notes of patchouli, benzoin Siam, and musk linger on the skin, leaving a sensual, long-lasting impression.

At the heart of the composition is olibanum, also known as Frankincense, an aromatic resin from the Boswellia trees’ bark. When the bark is carved, the resin crystallizes upon contact with air, forming the precious olibanum crystals.

Extracted using the green and clean supercritical CO2 method, it results in potent, complex fragrance extracts that preserve the ingredient’s essence in its purest form and closest to its natural scent.

The fragrance captures this rich and vivid ambery olfactive profile that is also steeped in history and rooted in the ancient practice of perfumery — a craft that began with burning incense to connect with the divine. Alongside olibanum, Crystal Incense features the spicy character of Ginger oil from West Africa, obtained by steam distillation, and the woody depth of Patchouli, extracted by steam distillation followed by molecular distillation from Indonesia — a process that preserves the leaf’s natural fragrance, is solvent-free, and energy-efficient.

Acqua di Parma Crystal Incence is available exclusively to

£250 100ml