Important Fashion Tips To Consider For 2022

With 2021 coming to a close, it is time to say goodbye to blazers and floral patterns. These fashion choices dominated the past year but now it’s time to look ahead to what is coming in 2022. The New Year is full of opportunity, so here are the important fashion updates coming in the next twelve months.

Yellow Is in

It almost seems that the colour yellow never goes out of style. Fortunately, this colour is coming back but in much brighter shades than before. People are opting to wear bold shades of daffodil and lemon this time around.

Perhaps this change has come about because of some new found optimism, or the public just want to capture the essence summer all year round. Who knows? Either way, you can expect to see sunshine yellow wherever you go in 2022.

Sequins Are Back

Keeping with the brighter theme, sequin patterns are also becoming more popular as we move into the next year. Designers have become more adept at crafting unique patterns out of this decorative material, and it may be this variety that makes them so common.

Sequins are a lot like glitter in the eyes of stylists. Some love it while others loathe the material. It seems that the love has won out this time as sequined patterns are due to make a comeback.

Mini Skirts

The 1980s were a big influence on fashion in the early 00s. Torn jeans and band t-shirts were all the rage and now it seems that the public are once again returning to this decade for inspiration.

No, shoulders pads are not returning. Instead it is the mini skirt that has everyone talking. However, there seems to be a mix of trends on the horizon. Remember when funky tight patterns were big? Now, people are opting to wear these alongside a plain mini skirt with long boots. This combination allows you to mix and match different styles with only a few items. Thankfully, creativity is also returning in 2022.


It is natural to prefer comfort over style in the modern age. Luckily, both of these options are going to collide in 2022. Cashmere jumpers are coming back into fashion, and sites like Luella are doing their best to make them as stylish as possible. If you are ever in a bind about what to wear, you can never go wrong when choosing a comfortable sweater.

Huge Sneakers

While thigh high boots are coming in to fit the mini skirt look, another choice of footwear is piquing the interests of shoe enthusiasts.

It isn’t enough to just wear a decent set of trainers anymore. The trend now is finding the chunkiest pair of shoes possible. Again, this is a very 80s look; however, the choice of colour is very important in the upcoming year. Block coloured shoes are all the rage, and it seems that bright primary coloured sneakers are going to be worn by the youth of the next generation. 


Fashion is always going to be cyclical. Combining the best parts of the 1980s with modern trends, it seems that 2022 is going to be a very zany year for style. Let’s hope you are prepared.