How to Use Sexual Energy to Manifest Your Dreams

If you’ve learned about the power of sexual energy, you probably have also heard that it’s a powerful manifestation tool. Learning how to use sexual energy to manifest, though- well, that can be a trickier thing. 

There’s certainly more involved in harnessing sexual energy for manifestation than having sex on stacks of money. And while there’s no one right way of how to use sexual energy to manifest, we put together a menu of options for you to consider as you try to create the world of your dreams with your favorite rabbit vibrator in hand. Or if you’d like to fully embrace the magic, you can try fantasy-themed sex toys.

Use Strategic Timing

No matter when you decide to perform your sexual manifestation, you’ll still probably be successful in moving something forward. But there are some strategic time frames you could use too. Manifestation works best when there’s a new moon. While a full moon is a great time to release what has been holding you back, the new moon is a great time to bring abundance into your life. Utilizing both to your advantage here is a great strategy. 

Check out this outline and build your practice over the entire moon cycle for best results. We’ll start at a full moon. 

Full Moon: This is a time for release. Let go of what may be holding you back. Enjoy your sexual energy as a meaningful cleanse. This is a great time to use water (hey there, shower sex and waterproof sex toys) or rain to literally wash away that which may be holding you back. 

Waning Gibbous- Waning Crescent: This is the time after the full moon but prior to a new moon. It’s a great time to reflect on what you’ve left behind. Continue to look for space in your life where there could be something new or exciting. Tidy up your headspace. When you have sex during this time, look for ways to let go during every orgasm of the things that could be holding you back and clean them out bit by bit. Since you’re dealing with some really personal reflection, it’s a great time to step up your masturbation practice. 

New Moon: This is the best time to learn how to use sexual energy to manifest. Use some of the other strategies here to make a meaningful space to create what you want. This is a great time to find a partner and put some intention into your sexual practice. Think slow, steady, and long-winded sexual experiences. This is no time for quickies. 

Waxing Crescent- Waxing Gibbous– This is the time after the new moon but prior to the next full moon. This is a great time to continue creating and making your dreams while also continuing to harness your sexual energy. The key here is just to keep having sex; commitment is key. Harnessing sexual energy for manifestation at this time in the moon cycle means being able to keep showing up for yourself both creatively and sexually.  

Use a Guided Meditation

Masturbating or having sex with guided meditation is so helpful when it comes to learning how to harness sexual energy for manifestation. They’re essentially just standard meditations but with guided prompts to help you find sexual pleasure while you do so. And when you’re just starting out and learning how to use sexual energy to manifest, they’re super helpful. It can be overwhelming trying to create this experience on your own for the first time, and there’s just a lot of other people out there who are willing to help. Check out YouTube for a wide variety of guided meditations to get you started and see what works best for you. 

Find an Engaged Partner

While it’s certainly possible to learn how to use sexual energy to manifest alone, it does really help to have a partner. Sexual energy can be multiplied when you work together successfully. But one of the keys to success here is to find a partner who is also interested in harnessing sexual energy for manifestation. When you’re both engaged in similar goals, you’ll be more likely to find success.  

Share your manifestation goals with one another prior to engaging in any sex. Listen to them, ask questions, and help them visualize their own success. If you’re lucky, they’ll do the same in reverse to you, and together your manifestations will be that much more powerful. 

Write Down Your Dreams

Our words have power! And grounding them on paper or through writing is a powerful tool. When we curate the specific affirmations for our manifestations, we can intentionally craft the powerful statements that can carry us through the challenging times. 

So what to write down? Write down powerful “You” and “I” language in your affirmations. For example: 

You are worthy of money and wealth. 


 I am worthy of money and wealth. 

This sort of call and response style to your affirmations can make it easier for all of your discordant parts of self to harmonize with one vision. It will both speak to the parts of you who haven’t had this belief in the past and the parts of you who want to have this belief in the future. 

Feel the Future

While words can certainly help, a real key to learning how to use sexual energy to manifest is learning how to feel the future that you’re creating before you’re there. While this practice can be done during your sexual energy session, it’s a key to manifestation at any time. 

It starts by visualizing what it looks like to have what you want. Start by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. When you’re ready, create a mental image of what it will look like when your manifestation is successful. Make it from your own first-person perspective and look around. What’s in front of you? If you reached to your left, what would you be touching? What’s across the room from where you are in your visualization? Getting as concrete as possible and spending some real-time in this space is key. 

Once you have a consistent visualization of your future, the next step is to truly feel your future. What does it feel like to be in this space? Ground that feeling in your body. Is your heart feeling warm? Are there bubbles inside your head? Whatever the physical sensation is, start to notice it and realize that you can create that feeling wherever you are. If you have a spare moment in your day, turn back towards this space and actively work to create that same sensation in your body. 

Let The Orgasm Do The Heavy Lifting

When you’re finally ready for your manifestation ceremony, you’re going to use all the work you’ve done to prepare and let the orgasm do the heavy lifting. The key to how to use sexual energy to manifest is to capture this energetic excitement that is the human orgasm. 

Your orgasm does more than just feel good. There’s a rush of several different neurochemicals rushing through your body the moment you hit pleasure-Ville. It rushes blood through your body, dilates your pupils, and rushes oxytocin and dopamine through your system. In fact, a good orgasm has been shown to help brain health.  

Now how does this relate to your interest in how to use sexual energy to manifest? Using this orgasm strategically is key. Once you’ve achieved orgasm, let your body notice how it’s feeling in this heightened state and gently apply the affirmations you’ve already worked on. Let the energy of the words you’ve intentionally crafted sing through your body. Your sexual energy will help these words become a reality.  

Then let that feeling of orgasmic bliss melt into the same feeling you worked on curating through your visualization. The same bubbly or warm feeling you felt when you imagined when you visualize your goals? Create those sensations in your body post-O. By grounding this feeling of success in your body and harnessing the energy of your sexual release, you’ll be creating the perfect sexual manifestation. 

And there you have it! A primer for how to use your own sexuality to create the future you dream of! It’s possible and likely that you’ll need to commit to this process consistently. And that’s OK; big goals take time. Be gentle with yourself and let your future come to you.