Indulge in a 90 Minute Andrassy Skin Therapy Facial at Omorovicza’s Mayfair Institute 

Renowned for its exceptional mineral-rich Hungarian skincare product line, Omorovicza has established itself as the ultimate brand that symbolises luxury skincare. The brand has recently expanded its spa portfolio with the opening of its first institute outside Budapest on the elite South Audley Street. 

As you step inside the 1,600sq ft space the attention to detail is second to none, created in collaboration with designers Tina Vaia, and Ed Milton of EJM Studio, and features two deluxe treatment rooms, a relaxation area, a courtyard. 

The spa’s Hungarian decor serves as a captivating homage to the brand’s roots, paying homage to a centuries-old Rác Thermal Bath in Budapest. The interior design seamlessly blends traditional raw elements with modern aesthetics on a clay and terracotta backdrop, creating a space that is both timeless and inviting. 

The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the decor, from the handcrafted Hungarian ceramics to the intricate stone sink carved with an Omorovicza family crest. Every element has been carefully curated to evoke a sense of timeless beauty and authenticity, inviting guests to unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life. 

In addition to its impeccable design, the Omorovicza Mayfair Institute offers eight indulgent skin therapy treatments designed to nourish and sculpt the skin, leaving you glowing. Drawing on the brand’s expertise in harnessing the power of Hungarian thermal waters, each treatment is meticulously crafted to deliver visible results and a deeply relaxing experience. I was lucky enough to be invited to test out the new Andrassy Skin Therapy Session, which is exclusive to this store. 

The 90-minute facial began with a thorough consultation, during which my skin concerns and preferences were meticulously noted. The expert therapist then inspected my skin after a deep cleanse under the light and curated a personalised treatment plan, utilising Omorovicza’s SKIN THERAPY™ product prescription infused with the brand’s signature healing properties. When I mentioned the attention to detail here is second to none when it comes to the decor, well I must emphasise how utterly exquisite the cosy treatment bed is – it’s like sinking into a fluffy cloud of relaxation.

The facial involved a series of indulgent rituals, including steam to open the pores for extractions, a refining exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells and reveal a radiant complexion beneath. One of the highlights of the Omorovicza facial was the application of their renowned Hungarian Moor Mud Mask. Enriched with minerals and nutrients, this detoxifying treatment worked wonders in purifying and balancing my clogged skin, leaving it noticeably smoother and more luminous.

The therapist then ended the treatment with Omorovicza’s signature Hungarian massage…if you know you know! Designed to target every single muscle in the face, which stimulates circulation and promote cell renewal and collagen production. This not only delivers a deep sense of tranquillity, (I fell asleep it was so relaxing) but also helped to sculpt and contour, resulting in a noticeably lifted and firmer look. 

The Omorovicza Andrassy Skin Therapy Session is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation in skincare. Upon leaving the Mayfair Institute, I couldn’t help but marvel at the transformation my skin had undergone in just a single session. My skin was visibly brighter, insanely smooth and revealed previously undiscovered cheekbones.

Andrassy Skin Therapy Session, £250 

Omorovicza Mayfair Institute, 60 South Audley Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 2QW