Kima, a Greek Haven in Marylebone

Kima is a serene Greek haven in the heart of Marylebone. With Chef Nikos Roussos, a two-Michelin-starred culinary virtuoso, and co-founder Andreas Labridis at the helm, this intimate restaurant introduces a captivating concept, propelling the art of fin-to-gill cooking to unparalleled heights.  

Entering Kima Restaurant offers a delightful departure from the mundane, Kima’s innovative reinterpretation of traditional Greek dishes is a marvel – drawing from the intricate tapestry of Greek gastronomy, Kima infuses each dish with a contemporary twist, resulting in an unparalleled culinary journey that elevates every bite to new heights of excellence.

At the core of Kima’s culinary philosophy lies a distinctive concept that distinguishes it from conventional dining experiences. Meals at Kima revolve around a central fish counter, where you are encouraged to select their desired catch of the day.

From pristine cuts of salmon to succulent sea bass and an array of other options, the fresh seafood selection speaks volumes about the restaurant’s dedication to quality and freshness. It upholds a fish-to-gill ethos, embodying the principle of ‘waste not, use all.’ Every effort is made to ensure that every cut of fish is utilized in delicious ways, echoing the essence of Greek culinary heritage with simplicity and flair.   

While classic dishes such as fava beans, taramas, and Greek salad grace the menu, they undergo a transformation with subtle nuances and exquisite tastes that exceed expectations. Take, for example, the taramas served with cod roe-flavoured crackers, a luxurious indulgence that surpasses the ordinary supermarket tub of taramasalata.

A standout moment in particular is the beautifully presented grilled octopus, impeccably charred and tender, serving as a testament to Kima’s mastery of seafood. To cap off your meal, you later devour a millefeuille dessert, featuring layers of cream infused with seaweed essence—a fitting conclusion to an extraordinary dining experience.

For those who prefer to explore a variety of flavours, Kima offers the option to order three or four dishes to share from the à la carte menu. This allows diners to indulge in a diverse culinary experience, sampling a range of exquisite offerings. 

Among the selections available for sharing, guests can delight in oysters adorned with fennel salsa, eel ‘soutzoukaki’ (lamb meatball) accompanied by aged soy and egg yolk, and octopus xidato. Even if you’ve previously considered yourself not particularly fond of octopus, Kima’s rendition might just change your mind. Cooked to perfection, the octopus boasts a tender interior and a crisp, caramelized exterior, thanks to its marinade of sweet yet earthy red wine vinegar.

And for those contemplating a side dish to accompany their meal, the smoked potato mash with pickled mustard seeds may seem like an excellent choice to share. However, don’t be fooled – one serving is hardly enough. You’ll find yourself wanting a portion each, along with a personal spoon to fully savour its delectable flavours.

Whether you’re an aficionado of seafood or simply seeking to taste the finest flavours from the depths of the ocean, look no further than Kima.

57 Paddington St, London W1U 4JA