La Bibliothèque: A Modern-Day Chronicle 

La Bibliothèque is ‘not just a place to stay, but an experience’ – and I assure you, it is an exceptional one at that. 

Off the beaten track and worth every second of the journey, Haggerston welcomes La Bibliothèque, East London’s first-ever luxury boutique hotel. It presents a restaurant with rooms concept, showcasing a blend of culinary excellence alongside primal comfort, whilst highlighting hospitality as an art form.

From start to finish, their gastronomical offering is remarkable, laced with both Mediterranean and Japanese influences. Made with premium ingredients, their creative menu is seasonal and brought to life by Head Chef, James Mayle, (previously at Le Du Thailand, Relae in Copenhagen and Simon Rogan’s Fera at Claridge’s). 


But before we dive into the courses, here is an overview of La Bibliothèque’s immersive world of mixology. Stirring up imaginative concoctions, the cocktail menu, titled ‘The Journey’, tells the tale of happiness, a diverse state of being that can be found in things as simple as flavours. 

“Memories” is one of the Signature cocktails featured and is crafted with yuzu sorbet, Japanese gin and sparkling sake. It comes with a small wooden spoon to stir and fittingly leaves a lasting memory of novelty and taste. 

Home to one of London’s most enviable world gin selections, La Bibliothèque’s collection boasts 80 varieties, including, Kyoto Distillery Gin, Lakes Distillery Gin and the limited-edition range of the “Ki Noh Bi” Cask Aged Kyoto Dry Gin (the faces).

No less impressive, the wine list offers over 150 globally inspired bottles, alongside a Private Cellar and their noble sake selection. 

Additionally, underscoring its namesake, La Bibliothèque showcases its illustrious, Members Whisky Library, inviting guests to private tastings of worldwide premium whisky in their impressive library den setting. 


For the table, the Milk Bread is a must. Designed by Sous Chef James O’Malley, it is served warm with a selection of flavoured butters: whipped brown miso, toasted sesame, and crispy shallot and sake lees, setting the stage for the delightful ahead.

Following on, the melt-in-mouth, Kombu braised Lamb Shoulder with whipped onion soubise and fermented negi onion was divine, full of flavour and as tender as could be, it is rich and creamy.

Taking centre stage, however, is the exquisite Duck served with Chard and Beetroot. The delightful crisp skin and succulent pink centre is complemented by the sweet yet piquant beetroot. A truly indelible dish.

The Baked Potato Ravioli, topped with Black Truffle Shavings is also a delightful choice.

For an adventurous epilogue, the Tunworth Cheese Ice Cream, served with balsamic and autumn truffle is a modern, savoury sweet treat. 

With a focus on music, art, culinary excellence and great drinks, whether you’re drinking, dining or both, with an overnight stay, prepare to be blown away. 


325 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4DL