La Maison Valmont, Paris

La Maison Valmont is Valmonts first stand alone store in Paris. It is a celebration of the incredible long standing relationship between one of Paris most iconic hotels Le Meurice and La Maison Valmont.

The boutique presents the subtle cosmetics and perfumes created by Sophie Vann Guillon, in a space designed by Didier Guillon. A tribute to the city of light, its entrance celebrates the tradition of personalized mosaics, its interior space plays with contrasts between angles and the roundness of a soaring staircase, while its decor comes alive with a selection of eclectic and fascinating works.

In the spa you have an option of three treatments to choose from Hydration, Energy and Lines and Volumes. Hydration is a moisturizing bath for the skin, the Source des Bisses treatment slakes even the thirstiest skin. Filled with water, the epidermis is reactivated and the dermis reinflated,smoothing the wrinkles that result from dehydration. An essential treatment that will leave skin as fresh as the morning dew. Energy is a true beauty booster, this cabin treatment stimulates both skin vitality and cell renewal, two factors in skin health that wane with time. After the treatment, the complexion is fresher and brighter, features are relaxed, and the face displays a unique fullness. Lines and Wrinkles is resolutely an anti-wrinkle and firming expert treatment, Valmont puts its technical and cosmetic know-how into action to treat or prevent the most visible signs of aging.

Spa Valmont Pour Le Meurice

6 Rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris